Hi family!

Yes, you all are family, not just friends and followers. It really does take a tribe, and I couldn’t travel this road without each and every one of you. You lift me up, make my days brighter, and are there for me to “talk” to, even on my hard days. Thank you!

So, Christmas is over. I hope it was a good one for you! For us, it was the first one without my “Nanni” (grandma). It was bitter sweet. It’s so hard to fathom her strong presence not being physically present amongst her earthly family. She was, however, so ready to be done with her broken shell-of-a-body, which was miserably tethering her to her frail life here. To know that she is no longer bound to her sickly, broken body is a blessing! I know she is hanging out at some heavenly beach, soaking up the rays and being happy. That makes my heart smile, even through my tears.

This is also the first year we have, quite literally, been unable to afford even one gift for our children. Somehow, they still had a wonderful day, full of smiles and giggles of glee. We had “Secret Santas” come out of the woodwork, come to our aide, and make this year a special one for the kids. It was even more special for us as parents, because we are well aware it’s only by the grace of God (and friends/family) that we were allowed a “Christmas” at all. Hopefully this next year will find us in a much better place, and we can Pay It Forward in a big way.

What comes next? Gatlinburg. We were blessed with a trip to go visit my brother’s family in Gatlinburg, TN. No, they aren’t FROM TN, they are going there for New Year’s Day. We are soooo looking forward to seeing them again! It is always a good time, and good for the soul, hanging out with them!

After that? I am trying to find an RN job I can do from the house. It is VERY apparent, especially after this last week, that trying to be normal and, you know, walk around, is too taxing on my body. I think, God willing, I can do something from home, though. I need to feel like I am providing for my family and contributing somehow. I’ll get there. I will.

Yes, I am doing the pearl thing, which is fun. I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people! It has afforded me the ability to help pay some of the bills, which is nice. It would be über cool if I could make that a career. Then, I could fizz and shuck part time, yet also work on writing. That would be a dream. #goals – I don’t understand how some people touch a company, and it immediately turns to gold. I touch it, and it barely turns yellow after months of hard work. LOL!

Anyway … I’m off to play with the kids. Andrew has some Legos calling to us. Natalie can’t get her nose out of her DS. LOL! Bye until next time!


Party girl

I love home parties. I mean I LOVE them. It’s quite the addictive problem, actually. I’m not talking about straight-up social gatherings, I’m talking about parties with a purpose. I’ve always been THAT girl. You know, the one that is at every home party I can weasel my way into. That’s me!!

The time spent with friends (usually kid-free!!) where we all bond as we sit, talk, sometimes snack, sometimes imbibe a bit … oh yeah, and play with whatever product is there for the purchasing … it’s close to heaven in my book. It doesn’t even matter what the product is!! I love (insert party name here)!

It’s even become fun as it has progressed to live parties on the internet! You can party from home in your pajamas! You still get to gossip and gab with your “friends” while partying, but now there can be 4K or more of them!! They all become like your best friends that you get to “see” every day. One of the best parts, you don’t have to dress up to impress, because they can’t see you!! All the talking is done à la chatroom style on the computer. The only one that has to show up halfway decent is the hostess!

I’ve been to them all! Multiple makeup parties, jewelry parties, scrapbooking, cooking, oysters, clothes, home accents, candles, books full of randomness, stamping, bags … you name it, I’ve probably been to it in one form or another. I’m a bit of a home party junkie.
The only problem comes toward the end of the party when the hostess inevitably says, “I’d love to have you join my team!” My gut reaction is, “YES!!” I’ve usually had so much fun that I have bought into the whole experience. I want to LIVE at these parties! I want to have fun like this ALL THE TIME! I rationalize it to myself, and have an internal battle about how I can make it work.
But, realistically, it won’t work for me.

Why can’t I just do them all?!?

Here are a few reasons I have to take a step back, and talk myself off the party-joining ledge:

  1. I am not a social-butterfly. Although I enjoy these parties, outgoing, extrovert is not my forte. I enjoy being talked to, not being the one doing the talking. 
  2. I’m just going to say it: My friends are cheap. I don’t understand, but they all HATE home parties. If they can’t get something at less-than wholesale, it ain’t happening. I still love them, I just wish they enjoyed my proclivity toward the home party experience.
  3. I hate conflict. It’s all fine and dandy … until somebody wants to make a return or has a problem with the product. I take it too personally. I recently tried to resell some things I don’t use anymore on a popular resale site. Just that experience had me in the corner, curled up in the fetal position. People get MEAN when they think you’ve purposefully done something they don’t like!! I couldn’t deal with that all the time.
  4. Let’s face it, some of the things aren’t really marketable. Don’t get me wrong, I still love going to the parties, but I’ve found myself saying under my breath, “This product really sucks,” or “Why, out of all the businesses out there, would you choose this one?” The things that ARE marketable are super-saturated in the marketplace … and I’m not outgoing enough to be the one out of 5,000 that stands out.
  5. Have you seen the start-up cost to join some of these businesses? I will say, the better the product, the higher the start-up fees. I have found this to be the case. I can’t, however, miss five months of rent to gamble on a product … and really gamble on myself … that may or may not pan out.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve signed on that dotted line a few times. I’ve tried to make it work. 

Always, nope. Always.

I am meant to be the supportive party girl who always shows up. I am not, much to my chagrin, meant to sell. That’s okay, though. The world needs both kinds of people!

Are you a presenter or party girl (or guy)? Tell us about your product of choice in the comments.

Sicky sick, Father’s Day, and wormholes

I have been so, so sick this weekend. Thank God J made me go to the doctor in Friday, because it would have only gotten worse, and I can’t imagine much worse. Everyone else had allergies, but thanks to Imuran (my immunosuppressant), it turned into bronchitis with a weird ear infection in the ear I can’t feel. Then I mixed that up with a little puking, and it just rounded out an otherwise boring weekend. I have to mix it up a bit sometimes. Now, I’m done with my turn on the Ferris wheel 🎡 of sickness. It’s somebody else’s turn to take a ride! (Nobody at this house!!)

This is what sick looks like.

So, once again, I am way behind in every aspect of writing in my life. But, guess what … it’s okay! It a new week, time for new starts!!
Father’s Day and Andrew’s birthday are coming up. Poor Andrew. It was on the eve of his birthday I first went to the Randolph ER by ambulance. (What a frickin joke all around.) So, I want to do something special for him this year. We don’t have the $$ to do what he wants (Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge). He has wanted that the last 2 birthdays, and thanks to ME, we can’t go. How do I break that to him again?!? And, what the heck do I do instead that’s fun, but cheap (or free is better)?

I mean, Come on!! How do I say, “We can’t afford it this year,” to that?!?

What about Father’s Day? Here’s where I get weird and superstitious. I had the perfect idea for my dad last year, even bought all the components, and then BOOM! Life changed. He never got his gift. And, J’s gift was spending time with me in the hospital. Yes, I’m scared. Yes, I’m stupid for being superstitious, but neither one is getting a gift until AFTER Father’s Day this year. I also have no idea for J. Neither of them are MEN MEN. Hunting, fishing, grilling, sports, all a nope for both of them. 

I don’t have a decent picture of them together, so here is a good reminder.

So I was looking around Facebook, at different sites, blogs, and pictures for ideas regarding this upcoming week? MAN!! There are some wormholes up in Facebook land!! I was reading (too long) about beets, and that brought me to bath bombs and crafts, which led me to house fires and sweet tea, which led me to Eddie Vedder (it ALWAYS comes back to Eddie Vedder), which lead me to Chris Cornell. Sad way to end my search, but it was 12:00am when I started. When I looked up, it was 3am!! What?!? Wormholes. They get you every time!! AND … I still have no idea what the week will bring!! It will be a surprise for all of us. 

Well, I have a date with dreamland! Until next time. Pay that stuff forward!! Be happy … life is to short. Make others happy. There is absolutely no need to bring others down. Remember, those that are abrasive with you are people too. You never know what they are going through in the background. Your’s may be the only smile and kind word they have all day. ❤️

See you there!!

Be The Light

So, they posted the calendar of which I spoke about in yesterday’s post!! I encourage you to join in and post pictures!

The ones I can’t do … Due to funds, or being stuck at home … I’m going to try to do something alternate. It will be a lot of work, but we will see!! I love the idea of flooding the Internet with these Random Acts of Kindness!!


Also, as previously mentioned, shop local Saturday is coming up November 26th. Check these out:

Kember’s $5 Boutique

Dannel’s LuLaRoe 

Younique Amanda

LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique 

Ashley Davis (find on Facebook)- My It Works

Tammy Smith (find on Facebook)- Travel Agent specializing in Disney

Jennifer Fales (find on Facebook) – Crochet Wreaths

Tarha Atkins (find on Facebook)- It Works

LuLaRoe Megan Callicutt

Amber King Camp – Scentsy

Lauren Coyne Ingold – Stella and Dot

Ellan Walden Campbell – Kindermusik

Claudia’s Carolina Creations

Susan Kinsey Jamberry Nails

Jennifer’s Trendy Embroidered Gifts

Nessa Makes Amazing Lip

LuLaRoe Amber-Drew 

Did I miss any? If you want to be added, let me know!!

Shop small!! Don’t forget to be the change you want to see! Be kind to others!

All The Feels

I have been so blessed once again today. I received a very unexpected gift in the mail. I don’t know that I should say what or who it’s from. I don’t want to call them out if they want their anonymity. It’s not like a new car, or a thousand dollars or anything, but it was completely unexpected, and I was floored. 

I sat here in tears. I honestly felt (all my life) like nobody liked me, nobody cared if I was around or not   (In fact, I felt people were embarrassed to have me around), and I was not worthy of anybody’s love or attention. 

I don’t own this graphic, but it’s true!

My tears today were not from sadness. They were from bewilderment, from happiness, from feeling humbled, and unworthy. They were from realizing that people do care, I do matter, and I am thought about.

So, I can not even begin to say thank you to this chain of people (and it did take a chain of people). I can’t begin to describe what this small gesture has done to my spirits. I have so much JOY in my heart right now, I just want to pay it forward so each of y’all can feel a part of the gladness!!

Nope, don’t own this graphic. It’s true, however.

Yes, I am grateful for EVERYTHING that EVERYONE has done for me over the past five months (can you believe it’s been 5 months!?!?). I have felt unworthy, embarrassed, and just like a charity case this entire time. I don’t want to downplay what everyone has done. It is my non-existent self-esteem planting insecurities in my head every time someone does a nice gesture for me. I don’t know why today was different. Maybe because it was completely out of the blue. 

Please. I want everyone to feel a part of this gladness. Do something unexpected and kind for someone today. Be that out-of-the-blue person that someone needs!

I also don’t own this graphic, but so true!

Honestly, the best part was the hand-written note … FROM THIS PERSON I DON’T EVEN KNOW … That says her family is praying for me!! I cried.
Be that person for someone today!

Once again, I don’t own this graphic, but agree 100%.

*I don’t want to downplay all that my best friends have done for me. There are a few people who I have let into my inner circle of trust, that I believed honestly cared. I know you ALL cared, it just felt like you felt you were required somehow to help. I just have had ZERO self-esteem, and I’m a bit crazy, I guess. 😊*
**I do not own any of these graphics, but they give me All The Feels today***

Twenty Things … Revamped

Hola, my peeps!


I now have a legit reason for trying to gather twenty things of greatness for 2017. Not that just pure curiosity and wish-listing wasn’t an epic reason to ask for brainstorming and input.

Anyhoo …

I signed up for a swap (Yes, I have a problem. It’s much cheaper than LuLaRoe, people!) on Instagram. In said swap, I have to come up with (only) seventeen items I think will be of value to my partner in 2017 (See what they did there … 17 for 2017). They can reflect my partner, but they really are supposed to be items I would like to have, or I would use, or reflect ME in 2017. 


I can spend $5 or $500.

Fun, huh! 

It’s harder than it sounds, though. I don’t know myself as well as I think! I don’t think my partner’s going to want vasculitis pills 

Or maybe she will! Haha!

Or items to sleep all day.

Or maybe she would! Haha!

I had to ask the ring-leader of the swap for ideas. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a first-class idiot! She had some good ideas, though I put my own spin on some.

Coffee, food, a bookmark with a phrase I use all the time, a recipe I make, a little drink I like, a book I love, something to do with a favorite show, something I carry everywhere with me, a hobby, or a pattern (Sewing?!? Obviously, she is more crafty than I).

I had some groovy ideas too: yarn, a journal, a candle, sleep mask, fingernail polish, a nice mug,

** Disclaimer ** just because it’s listed and linked does NOT mean my partner is getting the item!!

What are some of your ideas? They can (and preferably) will be small. I’m not looking to break the bank, just have a bit of fun in my drab world.

I can also have gently used items (books, ect) or handmade items.

Mug rug I recently worked on

So … Now it’s your turn. Thoughts, ideas??