World record holder

Is there a World Record for the world’s clumsiest person? If so, I would like to submit my name for consideration. I don’t know what the verification process entails, but I believe I would win, hands down! Need proof? Exhibit A: Picture it. It’s 1980. I’m five years old, dressed in a light pink leotard, […]

Behind the times

I’m behind. Eek! Chemo was long this week for some reason. Maybe it’s because it was later in the day? It just took forever! It took over 8 hours from the time we left the house until we got home. We spent much of the time sleeping this time!!   I didn’t even know they […]

Thursday Hijinx 

Well, it was that time again today: Today was rheumatology. For some reason, it is neurology that diagnosis and manages a lot of my care, but rheumatology administers and tracks the effects of the chemo. They (rheum and neuro) have to talk, collaborate, and agree on treatment for me. Rheumatology, while quite lovely doctors, are […]