Follow MommaPossum on Facebook  “Hello, my name is Amanda, and I have a hoarding problem.” I have mentioned this before. I save entirely too many things on the Facebooks. It’s stuff I love, but in reality, I will never go back and use the goodness I have saved.  Follow MommaPossum on Facebook  In the guise […]

Cowboy Noodles

This is a recipe 😊 1 box velveeta Mac and cheese 1/2 pound of your choice of noodles (spaghetti broken in half, Mac noodles, ziti, whatever) 2 cans of chili beans 1 can of tomatoes with chilis Optional – cooked ground beef Cook noodles all together until done. Drain. Add cheese packet to noodles. Add […]

Cheaters Texas Chili

This is a recipe 😊 Ingredients: 1 pound ground beef 1 pouch Chili seasoning (any brand … Or if you are really good … Which I’m not … You can make your own) 1 8oz (or bigger if you want to get crazy) can of your favorite salsa 2 cans Kidney Beans (rinsed and drained […]

Cheaters Cheesy Chicken

This is a recipe 😊 Ingredients:  Rotisserie chicken (or get all fancy, and boil up skinless boneless chicken breast or chicken tenders … But that’s way too much work) Rice (however much you want) 1 small block (or heck, go for the large)Velveeta cheese.  Cook however much rice you want according to package directions*. Cut […]

3 Ingredient Muffins

This is a recipe 😊 1 can pumpkin purée 1 store-bought any flavor cake mix (Optional, but come on, you know it makes it yummier!) Any flavor morsel – chocolate chip, butterscotch, cinnamon, etc. Even chopped nuts might be good. Use whatever your imagination desires! Mix all ingredients. Place muffin papers in muffin tins. Spray […]

Cheaters Chicken and Rice

This is a recipe 😊 2 boxes rice pilaf 1 rotisserie chicken 1 can tomatoes with chilis Cheese Hand debone rotisserie chicken into bite-size chunks. Set aside. Make both boxes of rice pilaf according to box directions in large skillet. 12-15 minutes before rice is done, throw in as much chicken as you want (freeze […]