This clutter is killing me!!

Follow MommaPossum on Facebook It’s about to get real up in here. Don’t think any less of me, it happens from time to time, especially when you sometimes can’t stand without falling. I am having a hard time keeping up with the house. Granted, we live in a small, 2-bedroom duplex. We absolutely love the […]

The beginning of the end … or the beginning of the beginning

Follow MommaPossum on Facebook  It makes me sad to look at my Timehop app from this week, last year. We had so much fun. It was perfect!! I went from three months of intense headaches, to this interim week. Only, I didn’t know it was an interim week at the time. This week felt like […]


Follow MommaPossum on Facebook  “Hello, my name is Amanda, and I have a hoarding problem.” I have mentioned this before. I save entirely too many things on the Facebooks. It’s stuff I love, but in reality, I will never go back and use the goodness I have saved.  Follow MommaPossum on Facebook  In the guise […]

Well, it’s Thursday. That’s something.

Follow MommaPossum on Facebook  Whew! It’s been a long day. I went to the neurologist today. It’s the last time I’ll be at the hospital until July (Oh, gosh. Cross your fingers!). BUT, I already did a live on that. They DID IT!! World’s worst coffee in the waiting room of the Neurologist!! Car started […]


Like MommaPossum on Facebook  I love crafts. I love all kinds of crafts. I love to try my hand at all things crafty. There’s only one problem, I’m no good at any of them. It’s a serious problem. I agree to do these swapy things on IG (amandamoring), but then I fail at everything I […]

Motivation Monday

There are just some days that we need more motivation than usual to get through the span of 24 hours. Mondays seem to be that day for most people. Granted, there are breakthrough times when we need to hold hands and sing kumbaya with motivation, but consistently, Mondays are rough. Follow MommaPossum on Facebook  So […]