Riddle Me This … Please

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*For the love!* 

I love to play the “What Movie is This From” game. It can be quotes, songs, people, etc. On my Facebook page a few days ago, I posted this:

NOBODY knew what this was from! I was shocked! It’s from The Karate Kid. It is like one of the most recognizable quotes from that movie. I thought it was an iconic movie, a movie that withstood time. Obviously I was incorrect. Literally nobody got it. I felt old. Have I just reached the point where nobody recognizes movies from my era? That is truly a depressing thought.

Then I posted this gem … in three different spots:

AGAIN, NOBODY has been able to guess it. I’m floored! I thought this one, for sure, would be guessed immediately. I’m not even going to tell you what it’s from. If you know it, comment the answer. If you don’t know it, we may not be able to be friends anymore. *just kidding*

Let’s try this one:

*Whew* It was hard finding something without naughty words in it!

Please, please get the last two. You don’t want me to cry. It’s not pretty.

Okay, without Googling, guess! I dare you!!

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