These are a few of my favorite things …

In an effort to keep my mind off the shooting pains in my head, I’m going to focus on some of my favorite things.

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  1. LuLaRoe . If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, find a consultant, and start with a pair of leggings. There are a few people that have reported pinholes in the leggings, but they have a great return/exchange policy. If you want to keep them, there is an easy fix using fabric tape and an iron. Join the addiction!!
  2. AP24 Toothpaste. I love this toothpaste! It tastes like a vanilla tic-tac, isn’t gritty at all, and is okay for my sensitive teeth. It’s not a whitening toothpaste, but it helps lift stains, getting teeth back to their original color. I noticed a difference after four uses!! Most people notice a difference in two weeks. If you use it, take a before picture!! That way you can really see the difference.
    Both outside, in full sunlight
  3. Moodstruck Mineral Powder by Younique. I am so upset this has been discontinued. Now, once their out their out. This makes great eyeshadow. A little goes a long way. It can also be patted on top of wet nail polish to give a custom color, it can be used on lipstick to ombré them or change the color, it can also be streaked in hair for a fun pop of color. I’m sad it’s going.
    Saying goodbye
  4. Erin Condren Planner. I was lucky to catch these when they were on BIG sale. You can get a plethora of covers, different layouts, and even customize them with your name, favorite quote, etc. if you have to plan your life, like I do, this is a great resource to have.
    From the Erin Condren website
  5. Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino in a bottle. At 260 calories per bottle, it makes a good snack. It is filling, and it has coffee in it, so BONUS!! I am so dang addicted.
    Mocha, Mocha, Mocha
  6. Tsum Tsum stuffed animals. I used to think, what’s so special? But they are so cute! And, they stack!! I am partial to the Disney characters, but I have a couple Ty ones that were given to me. They are just as cute as can be!!
    Tsum Tsums … I want them all!!
  7. Pop! Figurines. I am such a child! Again.  I am partial to the Disney Characters, but they are all pretty darn cute. I need. Bigger house (and a bigger paycheck) just so I can collect these!!
    I mean, come on! (Photo from Disney)
  8. Paparazzi Jewelry. Addicted! $5!! They have necklaces that come with earrings, bracelets (my favorite), hair thingies, rings, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. At $5, you’d think they are bad quality, but NO! They are great!
    From the Paparazzi page
  9. Hallmark Channel. Everyone knows this is the channel to watch at Christmas! But, I love to watch it every night. Last Man Standing, The Middle, and other fun shows that I can watch with my kids in the room! 
    Last Man Standing, which I just found out was cancelled from regular syndication. Travesty!
  10. Irish Nachos from J. Gilligans. *cry, sob* I haven’t had these in like 5 years. Cheesy, potatoey, oniony, jalapeñoy, ranchy, sour creamy goodness.
    *cry, cry, cry, cry, cry*

I was not sponsored by any of these products … though, if any of the brands WANT to do a sponsored post, I would welcome it! I just love these things, so I’m sharing them with you. 

Let me know if you try, and what you think of these gems. Until then, be kind, smile, and pay forward the goodness.

*I am technically a Younique presenter, but there are only like four products I would endorse. The mineral pigments were one of them. 😞

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