Falling trees and disappearing makeup

The kids were at school, J was at the YMCA, and I was catching up on sleep. Something woke me up, but I didn’t realize it had awoken me. I didn’t even know anything had happened. 

I woke up, and the TV was off. It was on when I went to sleep, so I assumed my dog walked over the remote, inadvertently turning the TV off. But wait. The fan was off too. The fan is always on. I slowly began to realize the power was out. *ugh* Had we paid the bill? It took me a minute to wake up and think, of course I paid the bill.

It took about 3 full minutes before I realized the power was out.
 I looked outside. A giant tree, which was probably a sapling during the Civil War, had uprooted, and fallen across the street, taking down the cable and power lines, and hitting the house of the elderly couple across the street. 

This happened six years ago, only the tree took out both mine and my husband’s cars … both totaled. Thank God there was no MAJOR damage this time. It clipped some shingles in the house across the street.

Snooping out the window at the tree across the road.
 When the tree fell into OUR yard, the City said it wasn’t their responsibility to clean it up. They left the full tree in our yard, crushing our cars. This time, I guess the City had a change of heart, because they showed up and cleaned most of it up.
 Thus was our excitement today. The power was out for about two hours, the cable for about four. We were all going a little stir crazy. #firstworldproblems
My husband will kill me for posting this, but Andrew was very upset the TV was not working.
 Never fear, we are back to normal now!!

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Please Pardon This Sounding Salesy. I Hate Salesy. I Have To Share This, Though!

You may or may not know I (sort of) sell Younique. There are certain products I don’t like, and if you ask me, I’d be happy to tell you what they are. BUT, I was devastated today to find out they are stopping the production of the loose mineral pigments. Next to the reformulated 3D mascara, these are my favorite. I normally don’t even mention that I am a presenter, but I want everyone who wants, to get them while they last. They are only $12.50 a piece, and they ship right to your door. If you want them, get some here.

*Crying in my cheerios*
For those that don’t know, these are totally versatile pigments. They can be put on freshly-painted nails to add color. They can be added after a lipgloss to give an ombré lip, or totally change the color. They can also be used as a temporary fun hair color.

I’d be happy to suggest how to use these colors. A little goes a LONG way. I guess I should mention you can use these on your eyes too.

You won’t see me advertise much at all on this page, but this is special.  I promise you, you’ll want some of these before they are gone! I bought some YEARS ago, and they have lasted!

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