Sometimes the best plans get the stomach bug – So music!!

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Today was going to be all about crafting for my Unbirthday swaps, but the DREADED STOMACH BUG hit our house last night. So that will have to be postponed. HOWEVER, as long as we are in the subject:

*Any ideas are coveted and appreciated!!*

So, tonight, we are going to focus on music. If you had to pick your TOP TEN FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME, could you do it? I don’t mean your favorite “this week.” I mean your favorite of ALL TIME, no takesies backsies.

It’s harder than you think!! Think of ALL the music that you love. Could you narrow it down to ten? I’m going to try. *gulp*

  1. Would – Alice In Chains
  2. Hunger Strike – Temple of the Dog
  3. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
  4. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
  5. Daughter – Pearl Jam
  6. Black – Pearl Jam
  7. Still Remains – STP
  8. Tyler – The Toadies
  9. Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
  10. Take a Look at Me Now – Phil Collins

Okay. That was in no particular order, and I just rattled them off. That can’t be ten already! I don’t have anything in there by the Beatles, or Janice, or Blue October, or Stained, or Depeche Mode, or Michael Jackson, or Justin Timberlake. There are about a million songs I need to fit on that list. 

Maybe I should break it up: Top Ten Dance Songs, Top Ten Disney Songs, Top Ten Emo Feelin’ Songs, Top Ten Soundtrack Songs, Top Ten Road Trip Songs, Top Ten Worship Songs, Top Ten Beatles Songs, Top Ten Boom-Chicka-Wow-Wow Songs … The list could be endless!! 

*Lost track of time there.*

Wow, I just fell down the wormhole that is YouTube! Please tell me you do that! I also started googling pictures of everyone who has died on that list. So depressing.

I’m going to leave y’all to be kind and considerate to your fellow humans. Pay that goodness forward.

Now, I’m going to go listen to my Grunge playlist. 

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