The day the music died

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Let me start by acknowledging the sudden and tragic death of music genius and pioneer, Chris Cornell. It has made me truly depressed, which I thought ridiculous, until I read this (I do not own this, nor do I know its origin.):

It explains it perfectly, however. He helped create the grunge movement of the 1990’s. This at a time when I was discovering who I was as a person. His music, and the genre he helped create, are closely tied to many memories and emotions I have had over the years. It’s not easy to seperate the memories from the man behind the music. He is like a friend who was always there with the perfect words or the perfect melody when I needed it most. I will NEVER be able to separate him and Kurt Watson, one of the most influential people in my life (if anyone knows his whereabouts, hook me up). So, Rest In Peace, sweet songbird. You won’t be forgotten.

Eddie Vedder is now the only one left (I will be INCAPACITATED if and when he goes). RIP: Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, and, now, Chris Cornell

Actually, I think we’ll leave it there tonight. It’s too sad to follow up with a mundane post about cleaning. We’ll just save that for later.

I will say, he leaves behind kids and a wife. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. While many will mourne him, this will devastate his family.

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