This clutter is killing me!!

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It’s about to get real up in here. Don’t think any less of me, it happens from time to time, especially when you sometimes can’t stand without falling. I am having a hard time keeping up with the house. Granted, we live in a small, 2-bedroom duplex. We absolutely love the “house,” and the location couldn’t be better. BUT, there is no closet space. There is no storage. There is no place for much of anything.

This is only the pile of clothes that go in the closet … ‘er … get crammed in the closet. I have a bunch more that are supposed to be hung up and put in said closet. I have to attempt to go through them. The goal is to SELL some, so we can pay bills this month, as neither of us has a full-time job at the moment. NOW, however, I am drowning in “stuff.”

Jesus, help me. This is still a pile of crap I haven’t mailed to family from Christmas. On TOP of the gifts yet-to-be-mailed are blankets that have fallen on top of, and around the gifts, and a random sock. The sock is clean. It is a match to the sock I have to keep on my left foot due to neuro problems most of the time. But, it’s fricking May. Christmas was five months ago. It’s possible I need to package up these gifts, and send them to their rightful owners.

No biggie, it’s just my bedside table. It would be easier to burn it all, and start from scratch. My printer is here, my sewing machine, and my diffuser. It, however, has turned into the dumping ground for all the kids’ school papers and projects. It also holds random jewelry and makeup. Good Lord, I don’t have room for everything.

Here lies all my makeup and all my OT things. That includes pens, papers, notebooks, putties, coloring books, and at the VERY bottom is my stash of empty Ipsy bags. Stacked in those boxes up top, I have random give-away items. I need more storage. I need more freaking room. I guess I need to majorly downsize.

This is one of the dressers in my room. GOD HELP ME. It’s all stuff we want or need, there is just NOWHERE to put it. I need to organize it, I’m just overwhelmed. See that box? That is all my stationary … I can’t hardly even get to it. It is in a corner that is about six-inches from the bottoms of the bed. I fall getting to it.

I know, I need to take one thing At a time. I however have three different off-the-chain children (I’m counting my husband in there.), who put NOTHING away. For every three steps I take forward while they are gone during the day, I feel I take two steps back when they get home.All this to say … HELP!! I’M DROWNING!! My husband’s answer is to throw it all away and start over. I am not a fan. A lot of it is things we can use, and things we got before my accident. We just don’t know how/have no where to put it all.

So poll time: Do I toss everything and start over? Or, do you have ideas for organizing. Ideally, we would get more drawers and such to put stuff in. But, wall space is limited. I suppose we need a bigger place with one more room (at least), but we can hardly (we really can’t) afford what we have now (only by God’s grace have we been able to stay here!).

This is just my bedroom. Yeah, the house is rough. I get the front room relateively clean about once a week, but again, my family is against me here. They don’t do it on purpose, they just don’t think. THIS is why nobody is allowed in my house. THIS! (And I’m an introvert who hates to socialize!)

So. Help! Any ideas? Be nice. I am drowning!!!

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  1. Oh man mandy this is a toughy! I know Brian n I downsized in square footage n closet space when we moved to the country, (that plus my health issues) I can COMPLETLEY relate.
    My husband wld totally agree with ur husband n say burn it to the ground…n I typically would just hide under the covers if I cld haha 🙂 n sometimes I say screw it n do just that lol!! But truly…this USB my advice:
    I’d have an organizational company come in if they were more afforadable. But I usually start like u said with just one thing, and have a friend over it does help!! U decide what to toss, what to save n what to throw away, but u have help, I.e. THEY r doing all the lifting n shifting n moving, u r just making choices, but they r giving u great input ect so ur less indisicive ect. friend, everything is replaceable ya know? It’s just stuff at the end of the day, and ur busy making memories right now.
    But In my experience,(at times my pride stands in the way) all I’ve needed to do is just simply ask a friend to seriously come over n take the reigns and once the overhaul is done..::The entire family can get on board as a team. Once there’s a place for everything.
    After uve been through something as scary n crazy as a stroke or meningitis or encephalitis ..things like this can be COMPLETLEY overwhelming so having someone else show up it a huge bonus in these areas!
    Wish I lived closer friend….I know whicker baskets hide lots of stuff and ross has lots of awesome ones for a good price..they hide lots of stuff, but I also used them for our kiddos, school stuff n things I find around the house. Put them on top of the fridge, wherever, really lol 🙂
    I hope my rant helps a lil bit…the struggle is real for sure! Love ur blog n realness friend! Hang in there!
    I’ve already accepted our house willl never stay clean a full week until they r off to college! 🤣

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  2. Start with one area at a time, make 3 piles.
    Pile #1= Trash
    Pile #2 = Donations
    Pile #3= Keep but only if it can be properly put away, if not the it goes to donations.
    If I was closer I would love to come help you.
    We all have busy lives, and it is easy to put sometime down instead of away. I am guilty of it ALL the time. It just takes a bit of determination and consistency to stay on top of the clutter! You can do this!!!!!!!

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    1. You are so sweet!! Come visit!! 😁 We would love to see you again!! It’s only been like 30 years. LOL!


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