RIP Ipsy 

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I did a depressing thing today. I cancelled my Ipsy and Sephora Play subscriptions. Sephora Play wasn’t a big deal to me … but, Ipsy … I’m gonna need a minute … Ipsy I’ve had forever. I love seeing that pretty pink bubble mailer each month peeking out of my mailbox. A little jolt of excitement runs up my spine, and I can’t wait to open the bright package that is waiting just for me. It is a bit like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one glorious day each month. 

I love the cute little makeup bag they send each time; I have quite the collection. Then there are are the samples. I’ve found so much I love from those samples! Not that I could ever afford them, but it’s fun to have the samples! I get to feel luxurious and sophisticated whenever I use a sample from a makeup company I can’t afford … which is all of them.

Sadly, it was not financially sound for me to keep them up at this current time. I really should have cancelled them long ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to click that “Cancel Subscription” box until now. Even as I clicked the “Cancel” box, I had to close my eyes. It was a sad, sad day.

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