Happy Mother’s Day 

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there – step-moms, foster moms, four-legged baby moms, whatever you are!! Hopefully it was good for you. I had a day of cleaning and laundry at home with the kids. We still have a LONG way to go on the house front, but we knocked out a little chunk of the madness. 

I, literally, have nothing else to write about today. Wow. I have no appointments or tests this week. I have no therapy or any other reason to leave the house. That means I should get a lot of writing done. Yay for that! 

You know what, I have been having a big problem with my five year old raging and lying. Any ideas there? He has no problem standing up to me, and shouting in my face. Yes, I do discipline him. He just is not responding to anything. Help?

I just realized, I made a huge mistake with my son today. I blamed him for something my husband inadvertently did. How do I fix that? Good gosh. I’m going to scar this kid for life. Looks like a groveling apology to a five year old is due. What a day!! Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day, and a fresh start.

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  1. We are all still learning right? Being a parent is seriously by far the hardest job ever…..ESP these days friend.
    I also know not a day goes by that most moms feel like we are failing them somehow, and I know for certain that we can be entirely too critical of ourselves. Even on some of my best days as a mom where I get it all right n everyone’s happy go lucky, I still feel like there’s something better I cld of done or more ect.. I think it’s just a mom complex haha 🙂
    But I know that Ur doing a great job Mandy!! U just keep being you, and loving them…all will be right as rain!

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