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“Hello, my name is Amanda, and I have a hoarding problem.”

I have mentioned this before. I save entirely too many things on the Facebooks. It’s stuff I love, but in reality, I will never go back and use the goodness I have saved. 

Follow MommaPossum on Facebook 

In the guise of being giving and sharing, I am going to post some of them here. I really hope this is allowed. If not, someone come bail me out of Facebook jail.

Without further ado, I give you: Random Stuff I Have Saved on Facebook 

  • Mama Loves Food is one of my favorite sites! I love to watch April go live every Tuesday and Thursday, working her voodoo magic in the kitchen, always whipping up the perfect meal. From her site (where she has about a gazillion recipes), I have saved these refrigerated pickles. Yum! Somebody make them, and tell me how excellent they are!
  • Quirky Momma always, always has the best ideas for activities to do with your kids (or, if I’m being honest, stuff I just want to do myself). Here they have made a magic copy machine putty. Now, I cannot ever get homemade goop to come together, but with crossed fingers and toes, I might be able to pull it off.
  • Quirky Momma does it again with this Lemonade Cake. I’m going to be honest, it’s 2:30am right now, but I want to make this!  It looks so yummy!! Is it weird that I hate lemon-flavored candy, but LOVE any pastry, pie, cake, ice cream, or cookies that are lemon?
  • Spaceships and Laserbeams posted this about Dutch Babies.  I used to get Dutch Babies at a restaurant while living in TX. They aren’t exactly the same, but I bet they are still delicious! Gosh, I miss that crappy little diner.
  • Tasty is always putting things out that make my mouth water. This video about French Toast is no different. Tell my husband to make me this for Mother’s Day!
  • Okra is probably my favorite vegetable. I like it fried, boiled, steamed, and in recipes. Thanks to April at Mama Loves Food, I can now enjoy it roasted as well.
  • Thanks to the Totally The Bomb website, I can make a plethora of recipes using my new favorite contraption: the electric pressure cooker. By the way, Totally The Bomb has just about the best articles, ever. *wink*
  • I love dips, but I never have occasion to make them. That obviously doesn’t matter, because I’ve saved ANOTHER recipe from Mama Loves Food. This time April has worked her wizardry to bring us a garlic cream cheese dip from heaven itself.
  • Obviously, I love food. Mommy Hates Cooking posted this copy-cat Disney (another obsession of mine) corn dog recipe. Man, I want a corn dog right now … and a trip to Disney!
  • The Blossom site posted ingenious ways to use ice cube trays. I really need to try these. They really are genius.
  • Tasty Vegetarian promises me I can regrow fruit from what I have in my kitchen. They, obviously, don’t know that I have the opposite of a green thumb. I could still try it! With the magic putty and the regrown fruit in my kitchen, I may have a huge mess (and fun pictures of said mess).

I don’t want to be overwhelming, so I’ll stop there for now. It seems I have a ton of recipes, and food-related posts saved. Don’t let this fool you. We usually have sandwiches or something from a box for supper. Yes, processed foods. I’m a horrible person, I know. *smile*

Join me again, on what day, I have no idea, and I’ll post more links from my stash. I’m telling you, I have the best of the best from the interwebs “saved” on my Facebook page!

Until next time, be happy. Pay that happiness forward. Be healthy. Help those that may be poor in health, with small (or heck, make ’em huge) acts of kindness. And, join us on Facebook at MommaPossum.


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