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I am so torn today. I was going to do a blog post with some of the things I have saved on Facebook. I have a hoarding problem with keeping posts, pictures, recipes, and really random things on Facebook. However, I had a conversation with someone this evening that struck a cord with me.

We, the collective, have failed, and for that I am sad.

See, it’s this person’s birthday, and nobody did much of anything for her. She is like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Tabitha/Dorcas from the Bible all rolled into one. She would, and I’m sure she has, literally given people the clothes off her back. She loves this town, and the people of this town, including my little family. She has kept us afloat many times in food this year. You know what she does for her birthday? For every year she has been alive, she does a Random Act of Kindness for someone in the town, people she has never even met. But, she was neglected and forgotten this year by most everybody … even by those she helps.

I will say I am guilty, too. I did, after midnight, send her a Happy Birthday message on Facebook, but that is FAR from enough.. I could blame my “disability,” but I won’t. We didn’t get her a present, or make the effort to just go see her and say, “Happy birthday.” I feel like the ultimate villain here. She is so genuinely helpful, and tries to be so good in spirit, yet we failed her.

I’m not going to mention her name, because I think that is her business. I am going to publicly say, “I’m sorry.” You deserve only the best, we love you, and we will try to be better. I always preach random acts of kindness, but you are intentional about doing them. I wish more people, including myself, could be more like you. This town is lucky to have you, and call you friend.

Happiest of happy birthdays, my friend. May this year be your best yet, and find you genuinely happy and surrounded by those you love!


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