Well, it’s Thursday. That’s something.

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Whew! It’s been a long day. I went to the neurologist today. It’s the last time I’ll be at the hospital until July (Oh, gosh. Cross your fingers!). BUT, I already did a live on that.

They DID IT!! World’s worst coffee in the waiting room of the Neurologist!!

Car started chugging on the way home …so J added a quart of oil and gas. Fixed the problem!!


I have writers block so bad, it’s ridiculous. I even have a list of prompts from my editor, but I can’t get an article going. I’ve tried taking a break, and writing other things, but it’s not helping. Obviously, even this blog post sucks!

We were listening to “Take on Me” when I took this picture. Get it? Does that age me horribly?

WordPress has not let me “caption” pictures for the last two days. What the heck?!? 

This post sucks so bad, I’m a little afraid to say:

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I swear!! It’s not usually this bad.

Let’s end this on a positive note. Top 5 things I’m thankful for today:

  1. Good scan results
  2. Duke University Hospital
  3. Dr Eckstein
  4. Tomorrow is a new day/fresh start
  5. Listening to 80’s music on Spotify on the way home

How about you? Your turn! 

Be kind to each other. Pay goodness forward, even when you don’t feel like it. It just may change your outlook!!

Until tomorrow…


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  1. I am so glad you have kept good spirits through all of this. I know it is hard at times. You know if you ever need anything…go run errands, now grass and pretty much anything else,call us.
    And yes, I get the Take on me picture….when We are each other again I will tell you something about that . Take care

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    1. Thank you for being you!! It is really YOU (and God) that got me where I am today! We would have never gone to Duke, if you hadn’t suggested it to J. THANK YOU!!


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