Last Day of OT

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Today was the day, my last day of OT. My favorite therapist, Melissa, was there to send me out with a bang. I love her, and will miss her so much. She did give me a folder full of stuff to work on. Now I just have to apply the activities to real life.

Things I’d rather do than apply my OT exercises to real life:

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Go bull riding 
  3. Get a root canal 
  4. Drink clumpy, expired milk
  5. Eat seafood

The point is, I’d just rather do the fun stuff like:

  1. Color
  2. Play with putty
  3. String beads on fishing wire
  4. Play the catch the light game
  5. Pick up rice with tweezers

I don’t want to do the hard work of applying the fun stuff To real life.

And what was J doing while I was working hard at OT?

Soooo, that was my big travel adventure of the day. Whoop! I have to go back tomorrow for Neurology. Thank goodness, because I am having trouble focusing (even to write this), and I have loud ringing and hearing loss in my right ear. HOPEFULLY, I’ll wake up and be okay.

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Does anyone want an update on my craft swap fiasco. If you don’t care, stop reading now. —- Are you still here? *smile* I have been thinking long and hard about this. Y’all have given some fantastic ideas, and I’ve accidentally bumped into some ideas in Facebook. Top five craft ideas currently:

  1. Small, painted wooden sign that reads “Happy Unbirthday”
  2. Tie dye bag with “Happy Unbirthday” in the negative space.
  3. I’m intrigued by the washer bracelet, but I need more info.
  4. A mug that says “Happy Unbirthday”
  5. Okay, I don’t really have a #5

I love the cross stitch idea, but I’ve tried cross stitch before. It looked like roadkill. 

Can’t I just use my non-existent money, and BUY an unbirthday gift?? I saw these confetti candles online (related to Disney somehow) that were actually called HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY. Like, it said it on it. How perfect would that be … if I were rich … and it was allowed.

Ohemgee, after perusing this site, I need all the candles for me!! Seriously, someone tell J I need all the candles for Mother’s Day, our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday, or heck, Wednesday.

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Alright, I’m signing off, because I’m REALLY having trouble seeing.

Be happy. Put a smile in your voice. Pay goodness forward, and make someone’s day!!


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  1. Make bath fizzy bombs and place in little mason jars Place a decorative cupcake liner upside down on top and screw on lid. Add a cute unbirthsay tag. Bath bombs are cheap to make. Don’t know about the jars. Maybe could be purchased with hobby lobby 40 per cent off coupon?

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