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I’m working on trying to go out of town for a night, just to get away. Like I told y’all before, if was PRESCRIBED. That means I HAVE to do it. 🙂 I looked up several different vacations for the weekend of May 26, because the kids are not in school that Mondays. Prices are jacked up everywhere!! I wanted to go to Disney, just to stay in the hotel, go to the pool, write, etc. Just the rooms were crazy. I WANTED to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Polynesian. Nope. The rooms were like $645 a night. Even the cheap hotels were like $190 a night. So, Orlando is out.

I looked into Gatlinburg. Every hotel I could find was like $249 or more a night. Dude. I just want a balcony on which I can sit and write. J just wants to sleep. I do not have that kind of frickin’ money.

Any ideas on where else I can go? Really, I’ve only technically been prescribed “overnight” to get away. If I can pull off more nights, though, I’d love it. I want a balcony I can which I can go out and write.

This is just a picture, so I can change subjects without being completely awkward.

So I’m toying with the idea of having a theme day for this bloggy thing. Like Monday is motivation day, Tuesday is crafty day, etc. I don’t know. I’m just rolling the idea around in my head for now. 

Well, this is short and really boring tonight, but I’m trying to write every day in May. So, boring or not, there’s going to be something here! Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Be happy. Be kind. Be compassionate toward others. Make the world a place of love and not hate. 

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