Day four: there’s an actual article at the end! :-0

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Is this four in a row? I think this is four in a row!! It’s a record!

So, I’ve gotten myself a bit over my head. I signed up for a craft swap thingy on Instagram (AmandaMoring) in like December. It is an Unbirthday swapy-swap thingy. I have to send handmade gifts to like 6 people sometime this year, but it can’t be during their birth month. These are FIRST-CLASS crafters! I mean, they make these amazingly pieced together quilts, awesome jewelry, cross stitched portraits, handmade bags, and … well … I forget what else right now. The point is, they are awesome! I am … NOT. I was sort of on the okay side before last year, but not so much now. I have been thinking about hand screening a print onto a premade bag that says, “Happy Unbirtday,” but I don’t know. I have been researching home printing, and I can do it using home latex paint, organza, and an embroidery hoop. I don’t know. I can barely write. What do you think?

One of the AWESOME mini quilts I received. See how good they are?!?

I wish I had more interesting things to talk about, but it’s sort of hard when I sit at home 24/7. I don’t experience enough to have things to write about. I could talk about the five episodes I watched of Reba today. Or, maybe I should discuss the nuances of Last Man Standing, and the six episodes I watched of that today. Then there’s my ever-messier house. I’m sure y’all would love to read about that!! 

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So I guess I can write a short, article-type post so you don’t die of boredom. Let’s see … 

5 Ideas for Starting Your Own Blog

I have been a big supporter of everyone starting a blog. It is cheap therapy, it is a place for your voice, it is a space for you to totally be you. While you can just write a blog like a diary, much as I usually do, if you want followers, there are some things you have to do. Your blog has to grab the attention of the follower. They should teach something, have an interesting story in each, or some other niche-y thing to keep the followers coming back. The following are five ideas for niche blogs you can try to get the followers.

  1. Makeup blog – these are huge right now. You can go link your blog to Facebook, and go live demonstrating an original or inspired makeup look. You can also be all about vegan makeup products, and focus on a different vegan company and products each blog. You can even blog about your favorite makeup artists, focusing on a different one each post. 
  2. Food blog – you know these are everywhere. You can focus on recipes you’ve made. You can focus on restaurants you love. You can focus on food from different cultures. Make sure to use a lot of pictures, and try to think of something to write about that isn’t already saturated in the market. 
  3. Travel blog – the sky is the limit here. You can write about vacations you take. You can write about different small towns throught your region. You can write about different amusement parks to visit. You can even do road-trips, and write about them. Bright and happy pictures would be of value to a blog like this. 
  4. Religious blog – pick a topic. You can do a biblestudy kind of post each time you write. You can focus on how the Bible pertains to life today. You can even focus on exploring specific religious sects and how they differ from each other. 
  5. Craft blog – are you crafty? Demonstrate a different craft each post, with step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures. 

So, there are five ideas to start you of on the right foot. The importance of CONSISTENCY can not be stressed enough. The age of social media has made us a society that moves quickly. We have zero attention span. If you don’t grab the reader in the first three sentences, they will be gone. If you don’t post daily, your followers will forget about you, and find someone else to follow. Pictures are also important to break up the reading. People love pictures.

Go get a free blog platform, and start writing! Let me know what your blog name is in the comments. I’d love to see your work.

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