Homework I can get down with

Why am I dead tired, until about 11:30pm rolls around, then I’m not sleepy. Ugh.

Well, lovely followers, today was my second to last OT appointment. I spent half the time reassessing from my first appointment, and the other half crying. Poor Melissa, my OT. She said I need to get my mental health and wellbeing in check, so I can get better, so I can then take care of the things I need to take care of … like my kids. She gave me homework:

In case you can’t read that, #1 is an activity out of the house once a week, #2 is an overnight vacation, and #3 is a girls day with my besties!

I mean, it’s legit homework, I have to do it!! It entails J getting off work, and us selling off some stuff to afford to go, but go we will!! 

Just a “recommendation” of where we could go.

J, if you’re reading this … get four days off so we can go to Disney … although we would have to go when the kids get out of school … which is June, and I have sworn off Florida in June!! I don’t even have to go to the parks. You know … 2 nights at Animal Kingdom lodge or the Polynesian can do a soul good!! J could sleep, and I could write on the balcony. Then we could go to the pool for a bit … and if we stay at the Polynesian, we can watch the fitteworks at night!! But, if we stay at AK, we would have giraffes off the balcony. GIRAFFES!!!

Maybe I could bring one home!

Sorry. I got off on a tangent. Melissa also said I’m supposed to work on driving. (I can drive, but I can’t walk well. It’s weird.) I’m supposed to work up to 30 minutes of non-traffic roads, with J in the car. 

Roads like this

Anyway. As always, remember we are all in this thing called LIFE together. If we are kind to each other, it makes it go so much easier and harmonious. Nobody deserves a mean, bad attitude, so put a smile in that voice, and fake it ’till you make it. (It’s okay to have shite days, just don’t take it out in everyone around you).



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