On Mondays, We Have Anxiety

Heaven help me: I want some Irish Nachos.

What’s the deal with Monday’s? I didn’t even do much of anything, but my anxiety is through the freaking roof. I guess it could be:

  1. Been having wacky dreams as of late
  2. House is out of control … every.single.room
  3. I can’t get the kids to help me without throwing huge fits … and then they still don’t help
  4. Three words: Homework With Andrew
  5. I’ve got so much to do, that I’m not doing any of it.
  6. I’ve been in this house so much, I don’t even have the desire to leave anymore
  7. Did I mention the mess in every.single.room
  8. The (I’m trying not to cuss here) Prednisone has made my A1C 7.4
  9. I can’t wake up before 1pm. I don’t know what the heck?!? 
  10. My dad shared a video with me that was not uplifting. It was probably good that I watched it, but 😳.

What do you have dread or anxiety about on Mondays??

I’m considering sharing some of the things I have saved on Facebook. They won’t get used or seen any other way. LOL. What do you think? Shall I share the “saves” with you?

In the meantime, checkout this site. She is a friend of mine, and I love the toothpaste, mud mask, and mist. Please Peruse the Pleasing Products: Bonnie’s Nu Beauty


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