Monday Monday 

Happy new week, campers! It’s going to be a good one! I can feel it!! New weeks are fresh starts, and I’ll take that any day. 

I have so much in my agenda. I have been down, for whatever reason. I don’t know if it is the new meds, depression over having no control over my life, or tapering the Prednisone. For whatever the reason, I have been spending 90% of my time in bed. That changes this week! I have a pretty, new Erin Condren planner, and I’m going to bust it out and use it! Time to get my house under control, my writing under control, my mom’s website under control, and my side-business under control. It’s going to happen, by darnit! Get organized with me, and hold me accountable.

Not the BEST picture, but you get the point.

Okay, now to update y’all on my “situation.” I went for a bone density scan on Wednesday. I swear, I’m going to be a radiation gloworm when this is all over. The bone density scan was to check for deterioration in my bones due to high doses of prednisone I’ve been on for nearly ten months now. It’s not official until the doctor sings, but I read the report: Bone density is normal for age. Praise Jesus!

Duke hallways are long!

I also went for an MRI Wednesday night (some of y’all may have seen my ridiculous LIVES from that night). I have a love hate relationship with MRIs. I am trés claustrophobic, so they have to make certain concessions for me: pre-medicated with anxiety pill, rag over face, warm blanket, earphones, and lots of coddling by the staff. As long as all those things occur, I am fine, and the ku-thunk ku-thunk ku-thunk of the machine sort of lulls me to sleep. Well. This time there were a few issues. First, it was “with contrast,” so I had to have an IV … never fun. And, I have funky veins that never cooperate, so they had to jab me multiple times. They blew a vein in my hand, so it’s nice and bruised. It’s okay. I understand crap happens with IVs. They are hard to get, especially if you’re nervous, which the first guy was. Anyhoo … I go back there, and they have new “cages” that go over the face. They couldn’t get it to work right, so not only did I NOT GET MY MUSIC, but the stupid cage pressed on my nose, making it obvious I was trapped. I thought I was going to come right off the MRI bed, but they finagled it so the bar of the cage went right, just barely, above my nose. I made it through without dying, and the staff was great, so everything is good.

I did not want to stay for the MRI.

I didn’t even tell you WHY I got the MRI. Since coming down from the prednisone, and stopping chemo in February, some of my symptoms have returned or been exacerbated. The MRI is to make sure I don’t have any new lesions (strokes) in my brain. I will get the results from that a week from Monday … unless they call, which is never good.

At least Duke has Starbucks. Starbucks makes everything better!

ALSO, they have started me on Imuran. It is a kidney rejection drug. “But, you don’t have kidney trouble,” you might say. You are correct! This drug is supposed to work as an oral immunosuppressant (like chemo was an IV immunosuppressant), and hopefully keep my immune system from attacking itself. The list of possible side effects is ridiculous. I mean, I look at some of the side effects and think, I’ll risk the strokes. But I’m going to try it. We’ll see what happens. Pray for me.

Keep on swimming.

If I haven’t lost you yet … The doctors, literally, have no idea how to exactly treat this, because it is so rare. They are kind of shooting blindly, and hoping it works. Sometimes it’s no fun to put your trust in doctors. Thank God that He has held me through this, because I think I would have gone insane before now if He wasn’t there to whisper, “We got this.”

In the meantime, my headaches have been ramping up, I get shooting pain behind my right eye that haults me in my tracks, I’ve got this spine thing (I can’t really explain) that makes my stomach turn every time it happens, and my balance has been jacked. So, if you pray, there’s a list for you. *smile*

Thank you, Dr. Jones, for the word! #persevere

But y’all, somebody always has it worse. I still don’t know WHY this has happened to me, but it has happened for a reason. I have to keep moving toward that light at the end of the tunnel. It’s there, it’s just hard to see sometimes!

p.s. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a big shout-out, and THANK YOU, to all the people that have come out of nowhere to help us or simply make me feel loved. There are TOO many people to name, but you know who you are! Thank you! God has used you in a major way, whether you know it or not. Even if it was just a Facebook message on my wall that came at the exact time I needed it. Thank you to everybody!! This has been a fricking LONG ten months, and I still have a long way to go. Thank God I believe in miracles.


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