Just another manic Wednesday

Hey y’all! And the week just keeps moving forward. 

I had OT today, which meant getting up entirely too early and driving to Duke. I don’t know if it’s being off the chemo, or coming down from the prednisone, but these symptoms are awful. More of the same, just intensified. My OTherapist, Melissa, and my husband could even tell I was struggling to talk and coordinate myself today.

Get that perfect angle!!

I have to share this ridiculous picture with you. My OT is combined in a building with children’s OT and Physical therapy, so they have cartoons playing on TVs in the waiting hall in the kids section. J had to stop to … uh … powder his nose on the way out. I thought I’d take a picture of the Wonder Pets, which was playing on the television, so my kids could see it. This is how it turned out:

Turn the camera around, genius!!

Sometimes I’m SMRT (Simpsons reference, people)!!

Anyway, I came home, and tried to sleep … since I’d only had 3-4 hours the previous night. Turns out 2 coffees and a Red Bull will keep you wide awake, whether you want to be or not.

Instead, I researched more small towns … I’m not sure why this has become somewhat of an obsession for me … and worked a bit on editing and messing around on social media. (Dang that social media! It sucks you in, and won’t let go.)

So, I want to get to 500 members on my MommaPossum Facebook page. I’m doing a give away, which you’ve probably seen, if we meet this goal. To be honest, I want to be part of the inner sanctum … part of the creative epicenter … on a website I’m working with. In order to do so, I need a stellar following (this is the FIRST step). So HELP!

My mission is, and always has been, to help and motivate those that need it. Although all our experiences aren’t the same, I’ve been through the ringer too, so I get it! Together, we will make it!!

The wise one.

So, share the Facebook page, and check out the website. There is a new non-profit to check out this month!!

Love y’all!! Remember to smile, be happy, and pay that happiness forward!!

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