I’m a real adult!

I was like a *gasp* real adult today!!

I went to a doctor’s appointment, (Which kind of sucked, but that’s a story for another time) and then, thanks to a generous friend, I ate lunch at The Table for the first time in, probably, four months. I was going to stay longer to write, but I was so stinking worn out, I had J bring me home.

(On a side note, and this is probably TMI, the reason I was so worn out: I had to go to the *a-hem* ladies room while I was there. There’s a reason I always wear leggings [they fit, I can get them up and down easy enough, and the texture doesn’t hurt my sensitive leg]. I had chosen, this particular day, of all days, to wear jeans … because I was adulting. I spent 10 minutes in this restaurant bathroom, with a line of ladies waiting outside,trying to get my jeans buttoned and zipped. My hands wouldn’t work. I had to walk out into the cafe, and get J to come help me. Talk about real life.)

Pretty day and pretty bush outside my back door.

Tonight, we did the most adultiest thing of all … we had dinner at our friends’ house. *gasp* And then we … wait for it … played games!! I know! I’m like a real adult, with real adult friends!!! 

The last game involved the kids:

Pie face!!

Fun times were had by all (I hope), and we will definitely (I hope) do it again!! I would invite them here, but 10 people stuffed into a two- bedroom, one-bathroom duplex might be a bit much.

How did y’all adult today?? Keep it PG, this is a family page. 🙂

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