Days without falls … zero

We’ve all seen those work-place signs: 


I had only fallen once … ONCE … since my “incident,” and it was a stupid fall trying to step up a step. I felt it coming. It was gentle, and I fell, laughing, into the grass. This was like 4 or 5 months ago.

Tonight was a different story.

I fell hard. J wasn’t here, but my poor kids were. I was too confident. I had JUST thought, “Man, I’m walking good today!”

I was walking back to my room from the kitchen. I had a plate of chips and salsa in my hands. It happened so fast. I think it was a combination of slippery socks, wooden floor, and clothes in the walkway. Whatever it was, it happened FAST.

I felt my feet slipping out from under me, the plate went flying. My right leg literally locked backwards, I couldn’t get my knee bent to help me. My left leg hit a box full of  random stuff. I went face first down, the box went on top of me, with all its contents. All I could do was lay there. I couldn’t move.

My poor daughter ran in and tried to help me. I literally couldn’t get my legs under me. She got the box off me. I dragged (drug?) myself over to the chair that stays in the kitchen for me to sit on. I tried to use my arms to pull myself onto the chair. Nope.

Electrical nerve pain surged up my left leg, and I couldn’t get my right leg to work.

I knelt there, in pain, praying. I finally worked myself onto the chair, and sat for a second. Then I shakily walked, holding and hugging the wall, back to bed.

I have screwed up my back, my left ribs, and my right knee. I’m still shaking. 

I’m sure I’ll be okay. I’m most upset for when I go to the doctor. EVERY TIME, no matter if it’s a doctor, an infusion, an OT visit, whatever, they always ask, “Have you had a fall in the last 90 days?” 

I’m reset to zero days with no falls. Boo-Hoo!!

I know this sounds like a horribly complaining post, but it’s really not. It just scared me, and I’m mad at myself.

Everything I’ve heard and read lately says I should come up with 10 things I am grateful for everyday, even if I think it’s been an awful day. So I will:

  1. I got to hear my sweet friend, Emma’s voice tonight. It made me so happy, even though she hates her accent. It was lovely!
  2. I got to learn some about her village in Australia, Tyalgum. So pretty and unique!
  3. I got to chat with her and Julie. I love them both. They make me laugh, even if it’s at myself. LOL!! I am really nieve about other cultures. But, hey, you don’t know if you don’t ask!!
  4. I got to spend quality time with Natalie. What started as infuriation at her, ended in a fun math game that made us both laugh.
  5. I get to be a moderator on one of my favorite sites. It’s a volunteer “job,” but it’s quite an honor!
  6. I get to cuddle under fuzzy blankets that my bestie got me!! It makes me feel like a princess.
  7. I get to blog. It helps to get words out.
  8. I got to spend the day learning about new crafts that I’m gonna try … pretty cheap crafts that I can afford to screw up if need be!
  9. Someone gifted me a book I wanted to read!! Such a sweet, unexpected surprise!! I just wish I could see this angel more!!
  10. I have a husband who keeps me regulated with my pills and exercises, going to the store, doing laundry, etc. I would not make it without him.

Ha! I did it!! 10!!! See, there’s a lot to be thankful for!

p.s. 2017 is already trying to play us. So much sorrow and death already this year. Remember to hug each other tighter, and be nice to one another. You just never know. šŸ’œšŸ’œ

RIP Clint Cummings

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  1. you probably were feeling more normal and so you messed up thats what they mean for every 3 steps foreward for a while you take two steps back be careful please xoxo

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