Behind the times

I’m behind. Eek!

Chemo was long this week for some reason. Maybe it’s because it was later in the day? It just took forever! It took over 8 hours from the time we left the house until we got home. We spent much of the time sleeping this time!!

The nurse got J a comfy chair. He put in headphones, and was out for the count!!

I didn’t even know they hung the Cytoxan. Apparently I gave the nurse my arm, name, and date of birth correctly, but I don’t remember a bit of it. 😂

Besides that, it was pretty uneventful. Shout out to nurse Shelby who hung in there with us! She had to stay until the last patient left, and it was already a ghost town when we were walking out. We left after 5. I hope she didn’t have to stay long after that. 

Ghost town

How many more infusions do I have? Who knows! I had my LP done Tuesday. The doctors will review that. Then I have a sleep study in the 14th. After that, I see both the rheumatologist and the neurologist (separately). Then, THEN, they will decide where we go from here.

I’m just along for the ride. Whatever it takes!!!

Well, this is short and sweet, but I’m falling asleep!! Catch you next time!!

Surrounding myself with things I love.

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