So much stuff

Snow. Snow everywhere. Well, like 3 inches, but that’s huge for NC.

Snowpocolypse, Asheboro style, 2017

Normally I’d go out in it, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. Am I lazy? I don’t know. Do I know I’ll be too unsteady outside? Who knows. 

I went from being a person who never, ever stayed home to being a person that has to be forced to leave the house, all in a six-month period. It’s not just that I have to be forced outdoors, I dread it! It gives me a bit of anxiety.

I always enjoy myself once I’m out, but getting me out is difficult. It’s such a chore! I not only have to mentally prepare myself, but I’m like a baby. There’s a slew of things that have to accompany me whenever I leave the house. I, literally, have to pack a bag … we just don’t call it a “diaper bag.”

I remember in May, when a day off (though they were few and far between) would start by taking the kids to school. Then I would go by the Table to grab breakfast, and read or the like. Then I would maybe do some shopping, see what was playing at the theatre, or go up to Greensboro to mess around before I had to get the kids from school. Then, 2 nights a week, the kids had dance. It seemed I was never home.

Fast-forward six months. So much has changed. I make the kid’s lunch in the mornings, but J gets them ready for school, and takes them. Then he goes to work. I don’t drive (can’t drive), so I stay home, mostly in bed, all day. Dad usually picks up the kids, and takes them to his house, because I don’t have the strength or stamina to keep up with the kids on my own. I check their homework once their here, but J comes home and makes them supper, and gets them ready and in bed. I don’t do anything. 

One of my doctors suggested I do something worthwhile from home. I have started helping Mom and Dad by scanning pictures into the computer. This is great in theory, but there are a ton of pictures of my sister. If you know a bit of the story, you know they are hard for me to go through. Not to mention all the photos of when I was “normal.” Those are hard too. And, the pictures of my vivacious grandparent, before they got … what’s a better word for “old?” Before they got where they needed 24/7 care. Those pictures kill me too. 

My sister and I
Me and PawPaw back in the day
Mom, me, and sister … back when sister had anything to do with me

Don’t get me wrong, there are good pictures too (none I have saved to my phone right now … and that’s how I’m posting this). 

Okay. I have ONE saved to the phone. My brother with green hair!! He was like 17.

There are pictures of my parents looking like teenagers! There are pictures of my cousins when they were like 7-13 years old. There are pictures of family friends from the 80’s that crack me up. So they aren’t ALL bad. It’s just hard to see some of them.

I’ve also SLOWLY been working on my craft swap that is due next month. I have some bomb-diggity ideas, it’s just getting to hobby lobby and The Walmartz to get them done … and procuring a sewing machine. 😬 I may have to readjust some of my planning, since we can’t find the pedal to the machine. Lawd, I just hope everything else works out okay. LOL! Anyone crafty, and wanna help me?! 

Let’s talk books for a second. I’m also trying to occupy my time with reading. I am part of two reading groups. In one group you choose two books to read and review a month. In the other, you are assigned a book, and there is a discussion. 

I finished my first self-help book ever for my first selection in the first group. I have started two books for my second selection … I am indecisive. LOL! The assigned book for the second group is White Oleander, but I’m going to have to throw money down for that one. It may have to wait! 

I have no good segue here. It’s 2:15am. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

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Be kind to each other. It makes the world a safer, more sane, happy place to coexist!

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  1. I sooo remember the green hair! We did mindys purple too right before the ski trip that year! Such fun times!! N what beautiful memories friend….I’m glad I got to be apart of them for even a small chapter 🙂

    I can relate to the not wanting to leave the house feeling for sure friend, ESP since I got sick. But for some reason, even more so this past 6-9 months. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, or the season I’m walking through right now or if it’s just b/c I’m sick and I feel safer at home, where no ones words can hurt me, no drama or worries to deal with ect….
    I think it’s also a mind over matter ordeal too. B/c I find when I push myself through the pain n anxiety n I do leave n go out that I usually end up enjoying myself even when I come home exhausted n hurting ect. N I tell myself it was “worth” it.
    So maybe it boils down to just choice. Choosing to make urself go vs just staying home n becoming a hermit.

    I love u so much!!! N so proud of u n I love ur blogs!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ash: there are a lot of pictures of you!! 🙂 Lots of pictures of the RushCreek days. 🙂
      Yes, home does feel safer, and I know it’s a choice! I just wish I could walk better and DRIVE!! That is the Big thing!! I’m stuck w no car and no way to leave.
      Love you too! Wish we were closer!! We could have a “hermit” day together!! LOL!


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