LP, Chemo, and Crafts

I feel like blogging tonight. So guess what ….. here’s a blog.

Lumbar puncture was today. They went lower than they have in the past (this is my third), and I’m having trouble with pressure and pain tonight. I can’t really walk anyway, but it has made it tougher. I’m supposed to lie flat for 24 hours anyway to prevent a spinal headache. I’ll just say “it is what it is” (this is my all-the-time saying), and rest.

What a bad picture! But you can see they went in right above the pants line. First with a lot of Lidocaine, and then the Spinal Needle.

Tomorrow is chemo. I’m pretty sure they are trying to kill me this week. I’m just kidding. At least I’m getting most of the crap out of the way this week.

I do have a sleep study on the 14th. That will be weird. I don’t know what to expect there. I guess just … sleeping? While they study me? That won’t be awkward at all.

Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am? I got a new mug and new fuzzy blanket from my bestie this week. I have a slight addiction to both, and she completely feeds/enables those addictions. 

Bad picture, cute blanket!!

I also have people, people I’ve never even outright met, checking on me daily (Shout out to my Poise ladies and my Instagram ladies!! Woot!!). Not to mention all my friends (Good Gosh, I never thought I’d utter the words “all my friends.”) on Facebook who check on me on the regular. I feel the love!!

If I haven’t said this lately, trust yourself! If you think something isn’t right, it isn’t. Be your own advocate. Let people advocate for you if you can’t. Don’t let the problem sit and fester. It will only get worse. Trust your instincts. Get second and third opinions if you have to. Medicine is NOT an exact science … ever. And doctors sometimes don’t know everything … even if they act like they do. I have nothing but love for doctors. They have hard jobs. They are, however, not right 100% of the time.

Advocate for yourself!!!

On a completely different note (Tire screeching, record scratching, change of subject) … 

There are THREE crafty projects I want/need to be completed this month. 1) book purse 

Kind of like this w different strap, and button closure.

2) multi-colored small patchwork quilt 

Like this, but not as nice. LOL!!

3) wooden antique quote sign. 

Like this, but nicer!! LOL!!

Anyone want to help me? I lost access to my sewing machine (And by “mine,” I mean my mom’s. She lost the pedal.). Also, I’ve never actually made any of them. LOL!! If I have time, I also need a sock-type monkey. I want to make a small one … like little tzum-tzum size.

Kind of like this. I don’t like the tail or the color, however.

That’s all for tonight. See ya next time!! 

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  1. I’ve seen the book purses in person. Seems doable to me! Check out a local sewing machine repair place. They should be able to get you a new pedal. For the quilt, go to an independent quilt shop. Ask to see their charm packs (40-42 of an assortment of patterns from 1 line, 5″ squares). They probably have a simple lap quilt pattern to show you too. That’s my “2 cents” worth! Have fun crafting!

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  2. Love you Amanda.
    When you have the sleep study, they will put sticky stuff and put wires in your hair. They do monitor your brain while you sleep!! It’s not bad at all compared to all the other stuff you are having to go through. Of course we will be praying for you!!

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    1. I found out it’s at a hotel. So that will be weird. They want me asleep by 10, and they’ll wake me at 6am. I get kicked out at 6:30. LOL!! I don’t want to have to get a machine to help me sleep, but I already know my trachea closes when I lay on my back or left. That’s from the strokes. It could be way worse, though. 😊 Thanks for reading and responding.


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