Was it that bad?

I guess the cliche thing to do this time of year is reflect on the previous year. Was it good? Was it bad? 

My gut reaction is: It was a horrible year, the worst yet. I had FIVE strokes (that we know of), I had to take an extended leave from my really good OR nursing job, I went from having a full-time income to no income, I can barely walk, J has been unable to take the CPA test because of me, my kids have been hugely affected by this, I have to spend a lot of time in bed, I’ve gained +50 pounds because of prednisone and my inability to workout …

Not mine, but a laugh every time I see it, because it’s so true!!

The griping and negativity can go on.

But, then I had a thought …

I could have died from any one of the strokes, but didn’t. I get a mini vacation from what was turning into a completely stressful job. I’m learning the value of a dollar, and being forced to budget. I get to say I learned to walk TWICE. J has been available to take care of me in a way that he wouldn’t be able to if he were working a full-time accounting job. My kids value their time with me … they love me no matter what. I’m slowly learning to eat right and do small exercises with my PT and OT therapists. I’ve met many wonderful “friends” being confined to bed … therefore being confined to social media (shout out to Poise Chat!).

We have had people come out of the woodwork to bless and help us.

Once I changed my negative thinking …

2016 was one of the best years yet. 

I have life. I have a great family. I have people that love and support us.

Here’s hoping 2017 proves to be great! Here’s to getting better, going back to work, J taking the CPA test, and who knows what else.

I hate hate hate cliche, but NEW YEAR, NEW ME. HERE’S TO FRESH STARTS!!

(Just let me get through the next two weeks of Lumbar Punctures, Therapist visits, Doctor visits, Sleep Study, and Chemo infusion!!) 😂 

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