Who knew a week could fly by ?!?

Has it really been so long since I have blogged? Yikes! So much for my promise to myself to write Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It just got away from me this week.

I really don’t even remember why.

I did have Neurology on Monday, about which I did a Facebook “Live.” I saw the definitive MRI for the first time. I wish there was a way to pull it up and show you. Here is a generic one for reference.

GENERIC brain MRI. That heart looking thing in the middle is the brain stem.

The brainstem is arranged in like 2 hemispheres. On one MRI “slice” BOTH hemispheres were almost completely white. That is stroke … dead brain. It happened right where all the nerves cross, behind the eyes. 

I had one further down the brain stem on the right. I also had one higher up on the left (I think), and one even higher, like near the frontal lobe. 

Actually seeing it like that … I’m lucky the damage isn’t worse! I’m lucky I’m still breathing. I’m lucky my husband isn’t having to make tough decisions about what happens to me and what to do with my organs. I’m blessed. With as crappy as this is, it could be much worse!!  #blessed

Anyway … I was going to blog on Tuesday, since I was out of commission on Monday … but, the meds made me fall aleep before I got around to writing anything.

Wednesday I had PT and OT, which WORE ME OUT. I’ve never worked out so hard in my entire life. 

It was, however, probably the best OT appointment I’ve had! It was on OT who I hadn’t worked with before. She had me typing, digging coins out of putty, handwriting, printing … and I forget what else!! I was, understandably, too tired to do anything but lay in bed (and watch Christmas movies) once we got home. (Keep in mind, the process is long anyway. It’s like an hour and a half there and back!)

Me at OT. PT is in the same room.

Who knows what my excuse Thursday was for not blogging. I’m sure it was a doozy. I don’t even remember Thursday!

Friday we had the Asheboro Christmas Parade. Oh gosh, how I didn’t want to go! I knew it would wear me completely out. I was right … BUT … I’m glad I went! The kids needed to have me there, and it was good to see them enjoy it. 

J, the kids, Dad, and Dad’s Sister – Linda.

That was enthralling, I’m sure, but that was my week. 

I wish it were more interesting, but that’s it! With the exception of different doctors, it is the same …. always the same.

We DID go to Target on Sunday without the kids. Usually that would be so exciting for me: Christmas shopping at Target! However, it SUCKS when you have no money. In years past, we would have just thrown stupid stuff in the basket, not caring how much it was. This time, I meticulously had to go online for each item, and see if it was cheaper somewhere else.

It. Was. Awful.

We got a couple stocking stuffers I couldn’t find online cheaper anywhere else. I found myself resenting other shoppers. I wanted to shop like them. I wanted to be able to have a list of people to shop for. I wanted to buy for Christmas Angels. I couldn’t even afford gifts for my kids.

It’s okay, though. I’m alive. Everyone is healthy. We’ll make it. Some day I’ll be able to get for others again.

Be kind to each other. It could always be worse, and you don’t know everyone’s situation.

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