Post Thanksgiving Gobbldy-Gook

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have to admit, it was better than I ever expected. I was very nervous about 14 people being under one roof, and I wasn’t having the best day coordiantaion wise, but it turned out great! 

Maybe I’m just seeing through rose-colored glasses, but everyone interacted and got along! There was genuine laughing. I had the best visit I’ve ever had with my beautiful cousin (I am so so proud of how far she’s come!! She is planning on going to nursing school, everyone pray for her. She would be SO good at it, a natural nurturer!). 

I was actually sad to see this Thanksgiving come to an end! 

Blessed Beyond Belief

But all good things must come to an end.

Black Friday, while all you crazy people went out to try to find your Hatchimals, I stayed home and rested!! And rested. And rested.

Then I went LIVE on Facebook, sort of a trial run, to help my mom (Claudia’s Carolina Creations) with her bracelets. I was very nervous about it, because people tend to not understand me when I talk. Also, sometimes my right hand doesn’t work properly. Miraculously, it turned out well. You can watch the replay for yourself (via her VIP Group)! I did get really tired about 1/2 way through, so it did get cut a bit short, but I think the flow was still great!! Join her Facebook page here to join in the fun!

I’m also in the middle of 7 days of deals with Younique. I’m not a pushy sales person. I got the presenters kit for the makeup. I knew there was no further obligation, so I thought, “What the heck?” But, then I liked the makeup, so I decided if I stayed active and sold a little, I would at least be contributing a little to my family income while I’m stuck at home dealing with the stroke junk. If YOU like makeup (and I do not get a cut on this), kits right now are $99. There is NO further obligation, unless you WANT to sell, and through November 30th, there is FREE SHIPPING on the kits ($211 worth of product!!). It’s at least looking into! Even more comes with the kit now than when I purchased it!! 

(Also, please join my VIP Facebook group. 😊 I would love to have you!)

So now it’s today. My parents made me get out of the house, and go to The Craftsmen’s Classic in Greensboro. Truth be told, I’m glad I went. I’m pooped. Just getting out in all that stimulation wears me plumb out, but I feel refreshed in my soul. I got to enjoy it with my kids, and even though I was stuck in a wheelchair, they got to spend time with Mommy. I think it is good to have that semi-normalcy with them as often as possible (Unfortunately, J had to work. 😕)

My Two Crazies at the Craftsmens Classic

Now, I’m in my bed, drinking coffee/chocolate, burning a delicious Vanilla Snowflake candle from Bath and Body Works (thanks to a very special Christmas Angel), spending time with my sleeping dog, and watching a sappy Christmas movie on Hallmark. The kids are spending the night with Grammy and Grampy, and I’m waiting on J to get off work. Life is good.
Starbucks coffee, with hot chocolate mixed in, and fruity marshmallows

I just realized I have a follow-up with my wonderful Neurologist at Duke on Monday. I have no idea how I’m going to get there, but I still have one more day to worry about it. I’m going to enjoy my day of worry-free living.

I’ll enjoy today, and worry about tomorrow when it comes!

Oh my goodness!! I’m so excited! I also just realized the Be the Light Advent starts tomorrow too!! The first task is to share socks with a rescue mission! If you can’t do that, what other way can you brighten someone’s day? There are a million things you can do!! Check out the advent calendar for ideas, or make up your own!! You can post pictures if you want (either in the comments here, or on the Momma Possum Facebook page). I know it would encourage others!!

So, what idea do you have for Christmas gifts? I need inexpensive this year. I have some ideas, but my ideas usually end up looking like Pinterest Fails, instead of wonderful, collectible gifts. I want this to be a memorable and happy Christmas for everybody. 

Okay. Throw your ideas for gifts in the comments. Throw your pictures of random acts of happiness in the comments. Check out all the stuff I linked (I’m not sponsored by anyone). And, above all else, be kind to everyone this holiday season and EVERY day! It will make your life happier, and the world a better place!! 


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