Be The Light

So, they posted the calendar of which I spoke about in yesterday’s post!! I encourage you to join in and post pictures!

The ones I can’t do … Due to funds, or being stuck at home … I’m going to try to do something alternate. It will be a lot of work, but we will see!! I love the idea of flooding the Internet with these Random Acts of Kindness!!


Also, as previously mentioned, shop local Saturday is coming up November 26th. Check these out:

Kember’s $5 Boutique

Dannel’s LuLaRoe 

Younique Amanda

LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique 

Ashley Davis (find on Facebook)- My It Works

Tammy Smith (find on Facebook)- Travel Agent specializing in Disney

Jennifer Fales (find on Facebook) – Crochet Wreaths

Tarha Atkins (find on Facebook)- It Works

LuLaRoe Megan Callicutt

Amber King Camp – Scentsy

Lauren Coyne Ingold – Stella and Dot

Ellan Walden Campbell – Kindermusik

Claudia’s Carolina Creations

Susan Kinsey Jamberry Nails

Jennifer’s Trendy Embroidered Gifts

Nessa Makes Amazing Lip

LuLaRoe Amber-Drew 

Did I miss any? If you want to be added, let me know!!

Shop small!! Don’t forget to be the change you want to see! Be kind to others!

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