Glory Be!

I have so much I want to talk about tonight! Maybe it’s the chemo making me crazy; maybe it’s lack of sleep making my creative bug explode; maybe I’m just nuts! Maybe I should just go live so you can try to follow?

You can fast forward to the parts that interest you (or be a rebel and read the whole thing!! 😊).

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Okay … 

1) Did you know I have easy, cheaters recipes on this blog? Yep! Search it. I’m adding recipes all the time! Don’t like fancy, unattainable recipes? Check these babies out!!

2) I had chemo today. I was only able to sleep like 7 minutes. I usually sleep an hour or more due to the IV zofran and Benadryl they give me. SO … It is currently 10:15, and I have like this drug-induced insomnia. It is awful and cool all at the same time! My mind is going like a million times a minute. LOL! — They had to stick me three times for the IV access today. I am so used to this by now. I constantly look beat up from all the failed stick attempts. LOL! — I am HOPEFULLY half-way done with treatments as of today. They are going to reevaluate after six months. Today was three. — I’m not bald yet. Kind of disappointed about that! LOL! It’s not like on TV, people! My hair has thinned a lot, though. Especially in the front (I think? I can’t see the back, so …).

3) Can somebody explain to me how I keep gaining weight?!? I’m eating healthier, I’ve added in water to the mix, and they dropped my Prednisone from 80mg to 40mg. I was totally expecting a weight loss today when I stepped on that horrid scale. Nope. Gained 10 pounds this month. It’s not like I can get on a treadmill or walk the block or do an exercise video, or stand (LOL!). I thought, for sure, I had lost, though. 😭

4) I’m not certain in what way to take this blog. Different people are saying I need to focus on one thing … What I’m passionate about. But, that leads me to another point …

5) How do you know what you’re passionate about? I mean, I like a bunch of things. I like to try a plethora of different things. It’s not like I live to cook, or read, or crochet, I can’t do art, I don’t know how to sport. I mean, I like to watch TV. I like swaps. I like makeup. I like cooking … In theory. But, I don’t feel strongly about any one thing. Does this make me crazy? Seriously. I’m asking. How do you realize your passions?

6) It has been said that people will not read a blog without pictures, so here you go 😊:

Not mine. I don’t have any idea where it came from. I am, however, thankful for my veteran peeps!

7) Younique. I swear, I’ve not used better mascara, ever!! I love all the other makeup too. I sell, because I love it, and I’m trying to stay afloat as a mommy who is currently unable to work her career as an RN. By supporting me, you are supporting local business, and also supporting my family. If you can’t buy, pass my info on! That helps too! 

Mineral Pigment Powders
Color Samples of Lucrative Lipgloss

8) A Gift From Emma. This charity encompasses everything I have been preaching for 5+ months. Go read her story. Please make the world a brighter place. Do random acts of kindness for random people around you. You don’t (or maybe you do? I don’t know) realize how much the smallest kind act can turn around someone’s day!!

9) Random picture break:

Natalie in Gatlinburg playing with glow things

10) 10 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I like veggie food more than meat
  2. I love home shopping parties
  3. I have always wanted deep purple hair, but can’t get anyone to do it for me
  4. I have one tattoo on my lower back (okay, let’s be honest, it’s basically my butt). It’s a small heart with a ribbon falling around it. I did it as an act of rebellion, but it hurt so bad it probably won’t happen again!! 😊
  5. I can’t feel my right eyeball. Like at all. I can touch it all day, and NUTH’IN.
  6. I hate sweet tea, but I love blackberry sweet tea from Chilis. I’m weird.
  7. I have to sleep with the fan on me … Even in the winter … Even when the heater is broken. I don’t know why.
  8. I love love love Alice in Wonderland, but have never cared for the movie. I just love her! 
  9. I would work in the film industry if I could. This is really no surprise to those that know me, though. I LOVE the tedinous of editing film together into a cohesive film.
  10. I love Keith Green and other “Jesus Movement” music from the late 70’s and early 80’s. It soothes and relaxes me. It speaks to my soul. It’s totally what I grew up on 24/7 with my parents, and it has stuck!
  11. I am addicted to Facebook Lives … Especially Poise and Purpose, Nessa Makes, Mama Loves Food, and Let’s Make Lunch.
  12. I desperately still want to be friends with my child-hood friends. I still think of them as close friends, even though we lead completely separate lives, and don’t really talk! Tina, Beth, Hailey, Jennifer, Kim, Cara, even Kasey, I’m talking to you!!
  13. I still think it’s the 90’s. I love grunge music, and would wear flannels, chokers, and Doc Martins all day, every day if I could.
  14. My best friend is 15 years younger than me, and she has a different best friend. It’s okay. I still love her, and can’t imagine my life if God hadn’t placed her in it!
  15. I got engaged like 2 months after I started dating my husband. That was 16 years ago, and we are still together!! I wouldn’t trade him for the world.
  16. I thrive in clean, spotless environments, but I can’t clean to save my life. I have a mental block against it.
  17. I’ve always sucked at counting and math.
  18. I’ve been to Israel. I was scared to death, but loved it! Our tour guide AND sponsor (Zola, not the new guy!)  have since passed, both from cancer, and I cried (sobbed) like I’d lost a family member both times.
  19. I was a manager at Starbucks. One of the best … And worst …. Jobs I’ve ever had. I LOVED making the perfect drink!! I prided myself on perfection. But my last DM was impossible to work with.
  20. Random picture break: 
    Accidental picture in my room from my phone. LOL!

11) I think I want to try to sell my mom’s bracelets via Facebook live. Kind of like some of the LuLaRoe and Vantel Pearls people do. They are such good bracelets, and she currently has no marketing plan for them. They are all (mostly) one of a kind, and I think it would be fun! And close to film, eh?

12) Random picture break:

Coffee is life … So is Caramel Apple Butter!

13) I’m not out of things to talk about … OH NO … But, I doubt anyone has made it this far. So, I will try to go to sleep!

Please comment that you read this, even part. 😊 And then do all that stuff up there ^^^ I said about following and sharing on FB, Instagram, ect. Help a momma out!

I love and appreciate you all. You ALL have value to me, and make my life brighter. Thank you for being you!!

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