Good Weeks

Hello, My Lovlies!

I have had such a good two weeks! I feel so accomplished, rested, and refreshed.

We received a “free” trip to Tennessee, thanks to my parents. I’ve already touched on this with my picture slide post, but they got a two-bedroom condo and invited us up!

I got to spend quality time with my family … Even making them breakfast and lunch several times!

She wanted to have a “scared” look on her face. She’s really having fun. Don’t believe her for a second!!

We actually got treated to a meal out at The Mellow Mushroom at The Holler at Ole Smoky on the Gatlinburg strip. This is one of my Happy Places. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad

I got to watch Nat win one of her volleyball matches at the YMCA. She has improved so much in four short weeks! I am one proud momma!!

#olympics2020 😂

I’ve walked and stood more in the last two weeks than I ever have thus far. I’m totally paying for it now, by being unsteady and tired, but it was worth every minute. I know I can be semi-human for short bursts.

I’ve been able to work on my MommaPossum Facebook page a bit. I’ve been able to work a bit on my Younique (I love this makeup!!). I’ve been able to help my mom a bit with her Facebook and Website. I’ve been working on my Instagram (amandamoring). I’ve also worked on the Asheboro Mom’s Facebook group. It has been a very productive 2 weeks. 

(It’s actually refreshing to list everything I’ve accomplished! It makes it feel like I’ve done more than I think I have! Try it!)

Friday I go back to chemo. 

Chemo is no bueno

If it’s anything like the last two times, I’ll be weepy, tired, and out of commission for two-and-a-half to three weeks. As always, I’ll try to keep positive, but it’s three times as hard when I constantly worry about every little symptom that pops up.

I know now that the chemo brings on more symptoms, so I shouldn’t be as scared. I don’t want to downplay anyone and their REAL problems (I don’t feel my  problems are real), but myPhysical Therapist says I have a form of PTSD. I FREAK whenever I have a stroke symptom intensify, or whenever I get a headache (that’s how his whole mess started). I mean, I don’t necessarily outwardly freak out, but my body goes haywire … Sort of like going into fight or flight mode. 

BUT, now I know to expect a bit of that with the chemo.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask. It doesn’t offend me. I’d rather have you know than just guess.

In other news: 

The Holidays are here y’all!! 

It’s The Holidays!!! Ready or not!

My favorite time of year! I think I’m gonna start featuring some locally sold (small business) products each post. We all could use a little local. 
You can start with my business at the top of this blog. 😊 Or here is another: 

Susan Kinsey sells Jamberry Nail Products. Check her out! They make great stocking stuffers, or buy some sets as gifts. 

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