Rocky Top

We got gifted a stay at a condo in Tennessee last week for 4 days. I love the mountains of Tennessee. They make me immensely happy.

Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s funny, I didn’t realize how down and depressed I felt, until i was completely away from this bed, this room, this house, this town, this state. I can’t even begin to describe how refreshing it was just to be away.

Kid picture!! Outside the condo.

I was still stuck in a dang wheelchair, which SUCKED, but at least I got to be there. I can’t explain to you how hard it is not to be able to do simple things I used to do … Like walk the Gatlinburg strip.

Chilax’in in the chair

I was still able to go in a lot of my favorites shops, even though I didn’t even have a dollar to spend.

Paula Dean’s (it’s really a good thing I didn’t have money here!! It would have been gone anyway!)

My favorite spot on the strip. Unfortunately, Monroeville, my favorite blue-grass band, was not playing while we were there.

We still had fun just playing on the strip.

Cool man-hole cover thingy

We got to look at the cool stuff outside instead of paying to go in.

It was fun watching the kids.

Everything was decorated for Christmas.

We met Mom and Dad there.

It was peaceful. It was relaxing. It was what we all needed. 

Nat looking at the view from the balcony.

I’ll be paying for it for a week, but totally worth it!!

Relaxing at the condo.


This was less of a blog, and more of a slide show. At least you got to experience it a bit too!!

When kids don’t know the games actually turn on with money, they have simple fun!!
Nothing like free photo opps.
They wanted to look like Santa coming down a chimney.
The Village
Fat belly like Santa.


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