All The Feels

I have been so blessed once again today. I received a very unexpected gift in the mail. I don’t know that I should say what or who it’s from. I don’t want to call them out if they want their anonymity. It’s not like a new car, or a thousand dollars or anything, but it was completely unexpected, and I was floored. 

I sat here in tears. I honestly felt (all my life) like nobody liked me, nobody cared if I was around or not   (In fact, I felt people were embarrassed to have me around), and I was not worthy of anybody’s love or attention. 

I don’t own this graphic, but it’s true!

My tears today were not from sadness. They were from bewilderment, from happiness, from feeling humbled, and unworthy. They were from realizing that people do care, I do matter, and I am thought about.

So, I can not even begin to say thank you to this chain of people (and it did take a chain of people). I can’t begin to describe what this small gesture has done to my spirits. I have so much JOY in my heart right now, I just want to pay it forward so each of y’all can feel a part of the gladness!!

Nope, don’t own this graphic. It’s true, however.

Yes, I am grateful for EVERYTHING that EVERYONE has done for me over the past five months (can you believe it’s been 5 months!?!?). I have felt unworthy, embarrassed, and just like a charity case this entire time. I don’t want to downplay what everyone has done. It is my non-existent self-esteem planting insecurities in my head every time someone does a nice gesture for me. I don’t know why today was different. Maybe because it was completely out of the blue. 

Please. I want everyone to feel a part of this gladness. Do something unexpected and kind for someone today. Be that out-of-the-blue person that someone needs!

I also don’t own this graphic, but so true!

Honestly, the best part was the hand-written note … FROM THIS PERSON I DON’T EVEN KNOW … That says her family is praying for me!! I cried.
Be that person for someone today!

Once again, I don’t own this graphic, but agree 100%.

*I don’t want to downplay all that my best friends have done for me. There are a few people who I have let into my inner circle of trust, that I believed honestly cared. I know you ALL cared, it just felt like you felt you were required somehow to help. I just have had ZERO self-esteem, and I’m a bit crazy, I guess. 😊*
**I do not own any of these graphics, but they give me All The Feels today***


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  1. What a beautiful blog mandy.
    I know I have always liked you friend, and watching u from Texas having to go through this ordeal has been so surreal. Getting sick unexpectedly will take even the strongest of self esteems out there n literally crush it.
    There r days I feel the exact way u have friend, and the Lord is so faithful n sends someone my way w/a kind word or card or just a simple hug. I’ve found it’s the small things that mean the most to me too friend.
    Life is so short, and you are so blessed to have a close inner circle n friends n family that love n support u and most important “PRAY” for u n the family.
    I wish u lived closer friend, so I could do more than just pray. But u know I’m here if u need anything Mandy, just say the word. Us sick people need to stick together keep each other’s spirits lifted on the not so great days.
    I’m proud of u mandy! Love u!!!

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  2. When you read or watch a “Graffic,” and it brings a tear to your eyes, or makes you smile, or makes you pause for a minute to think about what it says, maybe brings an old friend to mind, makes a warm feeling inside you or just makes you feel better, that is when the Graffic becomes yours. It’s yours because you are the one who captured it’s feeling…you are the one who caught it and “felt” it at that time! I love you very much!

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