Post Thanksgiving Gobbldy-Gook

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have to admit, it was better than I ever expected. I was very nervous about 14 people being under one roof, and I wasn’t having the best day coordiantaion wise, but it turned out great! 

Maybe I’m just seeing through rose-colored glasses, but everyone interacted and got along! There was genuine laughing. I had the best visit I’ve ever had with my beautiful cousin (I am so so proud of how far she’s come!! She is planning on going to nursing school, everyone pray for her. She would be SO good at it, a natural nurturer!). 

I was actually sad to see this Thanksgiving come to an end! 

Blessed Beyond Belief

But all good things must come to an end.

Black Friday, while all you crazy people went out to try to find your Hatchimals, I stayed home and rested!! And rested. And rested.

Then I went LIVE on Facebook, sort of a trial run, to help my mom (Claudia’s Carolina Creations) with her bracelets. I was very nervous about it, because people tend to not understand me when I talk. Also, sometimes my right hand doesn’t work properly. Miraculously, it turned out well. You can watch the replay for yourself (via her VIP Group)! I did get really tired about 1/2 way through, so it did get cut a bit short, but I think the flow was still great!! Join her Facebook page here to join in the fun!

I’m also in the middle of 7 days of deals with Younique. I’m not a pushy sales person. I got the presenters kit for the makeup. I knew there was no further obligation, so I thought, “What the heck?” But, then I liked the makeup, so I decided if I stayed active and sold a little, I would at least be contributing a little to my family income while I’m stuck at home dealing with the stroke junk. If YOU like makeup (and I do not get a cut on this), kits right now are $99. There is NO further obligation, unless you WANT to sell, and through November 30th, there is FREE SHIPPING on the kits ($211 worth of product!!). It’s at least looking into! Even more comes with the kit now than when I purchased it!! 

(Also, please join my VIP Facebook group. 😊 I would love to have you!)

So now it’s today. My parents made me get out of the house, and go to The Craftsmen’s Classic in Greensboro. Truth be told, I’m glad I went. I’m pooped. Just getting out in all that stimulation wears me plumb out, but I feel refreshed in my soul. I got to enjoy it with my kids, and even though I was stuck in a wheelchair, they got to spend time with Mommy. I think it is good to have that semi-normalcy with them as often as possible (Unfortunately, J had to work. πŸ˜•)

My Two Crazies at the Craftsmens Classic

Now, I’m in my bed, drinking coffee/chocolate, burning a delicious Vanilla Snowflake candle from Bath and Body Works (thanks to a very special Christmas Angel), spending time with my sleeping dog, and watching a sappy Christmas movie on Hallmark. The kids are spending the night with Grammy and Grampy, and I’m waiting on J to get off work. Life is good.

Starbucks coffee, with hot chocolate mixed in, and fruity marshmallows

I just realized I have a follow-up with my wonderful Neurologist at Duke on Monday. I have no idea how I’m going to get there, but I still have one more day to worry about it. I’m going to enjoy my day of worry-free living.

I’ll enjoy today, and worry about tomorrow when it comes!

Oh my goodness!! I’m so excited! I also just realized the Be the Light Advent starts tomorrow too!! The first task is to share socks with a rescue mission! If you can’t do that, what other way can you brighten someone’s day? There are a million things you can do!! Check out the advent calendar for ideas, or make up your own!! You can post pictures if you want (either in the comments here, or on the Momma Possum Facebook page). I know it would encourage others!!

So, what idea do you have for Christmas gifts? I need inexpensive this year. I have some ideas, but my ideas usually end up looking like Pinterest Fails, instead of wonderful, collectible gifts. I want this to be a memorable and happy Christmas for everybody. 

Okay. Throw your ideas for gifts in the comments. Throw your pictures of random acts of happiness in the comments. Check out all the stuff I linked (I’m not sponsored by anyone). And, above all else, be kind to everyone this holiday season and EVERY day! It will make your life happier, and the world a better place!! 



1:32 am

Well, it’s Wednesday night … or Thursday morning depending on how you look at it.

I’ve had my Melatonin, Benadryl, and countless other nighttime meds, but I can’t sleep. What else is there to do? Blog!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I can’t believe it. It was just a few short years ago that Thanksgiving meant Mom, Dad, J, and myself. Not anymore! We are expecting at least 15 at my parent’s house. 

Where is everyone going to sit? We don’t do a traditional table. It is sort of a free-for-all. I don’t think … no, I KNOW … there aren’t 15 chairs in the whole place! I call dibs on the chair down in the office … you know … the chair in the quiet room away from the madness!

Let’s keep in mind, I’m an introvert that likes quiet. Also, since my strokes, overstimulation happens very quickly for me. I’ll be honest, I’m already panicking a bit. It will be nice to see everyone, but ……..

Jesus, help me.

My anxiety is also running high, because my cousin will be there, and I haven’t seen her in like 8 years (good gosh, can that be right?!?). This prednisone has made me look very unlike myself. It has caused puffiness all over, but especially my face. I feel like I gained 10 pounds just yesterday! And that is on top of the __ pounds I’ve already packed on, due to this mess. I’m beyond embarrassed for her to see me.

Yes, I am glad to be alive. I’m very lucky the strokes didn’t straight-up kill me, but I am still human. I’m embarrassed of the way I currently look.

And this is a “GOOD” picture, taken at the right angle as to try to mask the puffiness. It’s still there.

I’ve had friends tell me I’m still beautiful. I’m not stupid. I’m puffy. — I’ve had friends tell me beauty is on the “inside.” That is just a nice way to say that I look horrible. —  I’ve had friends suggest I not post selfies until I’m off the meds. — I’ve had people “encourage” me with back-handed complements (I’m not going to lie, they stung a bit). 

But, you know what. It is what it is. This is my life. Yes, I’m embarrassed of myself, but I want to look back and remember how far I’ve come. I want to see that I had it worse. Not to mention, I’ve had some good times too! I want to remember those good times!

Some friends are life!! They speak my love language!! LOL!

This post wasn’t supposed to turn into a rant. How did I get from “Tomorrow is Thanksgiving,” to “Leave me alone, and let me wallow in my puffiness!”?? LOL!

Maybe I’m more tired than I think.

And, here is a random thought for you – Have you ever looked at what’s trending on Facebook? It is rather lame! I was going to try to do a post on a trending topic, but it’s all celebrities! I don’t really care about Lindsey Lohan, Ariana Grande, or Cameron Diaz. I mean, I’m sure they are perfectly fine people, but really? Shouldn’t, I don’t know, THANKSGIVING be a trending topic? 

Rant over!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American peeps. Happy Thursday to every one else! Don’t forget to be kind to one another!

Don’t know where I got this. Random, true quote!

More Than Turkey

Gobble Gobble, Lovlies!! 

Can you BELIEVE it is the week of Thanksgiving? I am stunned, flabbergasted, astounded, stupefied! Where the every-loving snowflake did this year go?

I have so many traditions that need to be jam-packed into this week. 

I’m going to get real with you here, I thought I had longer! I thought I had at least another week! It snuck up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, and surprised the snot out of me.

So … Let’s get down to business quickly! Traditions that need to be completed this week. Go!

1) Thanksgiving movies. I only have 2 that I watch every year: Dutch and Planes Trains and Automobiles. They are both a bit dated, but still good watches. Oddly enough, they are both John Hughes flicks. Seriously, has he ever written a bad movie?!?

Dutch. Catch it on Netflix. My favorite Thanksgiving film!

Are there any I should be adding to my thanksgiving watch list?

2) The cooking. Oh the cooking!! Since I had a stroke this year, I’m excused from a lot of the cooking … *Thank you, Jesus*. I will be making a ham in the crockpot. But, for the record, here’s a list of things I want at the meal:

Am I forgetting anything important?

Notice I don’t have turkey on that list. I’m not a big fan. I’ll eat my ham, and call it a day. 

What are some foods YOU eat that I should add to that list?

3) The Thanksgiving Song. HELLO?!? I’ve usually already listened to it eleventy-billion times by now! It simply isn’t Thanksgiving until you’ve heard the Thanksgiving song!

Adam Sandler. I’m not sophisticated enough to know how to embed YouTube videos. Click the links above!

4) The Tree. Normally we would go to a Christmas Tree lot, and get a real tree, with all the smells and feels of Christmas. This year, however, we are short on the fundage, so fake it is!! We are going to have to go to my parent’s house, and dig my tree out of storage (*Now that I think about it, I really hope it’s there*).  I’ll have to get a “PINE” candle to recreate the smells. LOL!

It’s white, but all the lights have died. LOL! #stillpretty

5) Thanksgiving Day Parade! I almost forgot this! Holy traditions, Batman! Of all of them, this is the longest-standing tradition we have. As long as I can remember back, we’ve always watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving  without the parade at least on in the background! Hello?!? How else is Santa going to come to town? 

Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

And the parade balloons! We have to see all the monstrosities every year!

Ginormous parade balloon

6) Thanksgiving night. When it’s all said and done, we’ve loosened our belts a notch (or worn our turkey pants), watched the parade, and the sleepiness sets in, it’s time for Miracle on 34th Street. I’m not talking about the new version (okay … ONE film associated with John Hughes that is no good). I’m talking about the old black and white version. The one starring Natalie Wood. *sigh* Oh, tradition!

The Original. The Only.

So … What traditions do y’all have? What do I need to add to my jam-packed week of traditions?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Plague

Today, I am overwhelmingly grateful for my parents. They insisted on taking to two kidos tonight, so they could avoid the plague that is happening over here. 

At first, I was so against it. I mean, I’m their mom, I should be able to do everything for them. 

After dinner, and trying to get them ready for bed on my own, I gave in. They don’t need this sickness, and I was having hot-flash after hot-flash, after almost falling, after massive pain in my back and left leg. 

I got them (one of the hardest things I’ve ever done) all ready so they can get ready for school with no problems (hopefully) tomorrow.

I’ve never seen J this sick before. It is actually really scaring me. The doctor said “sinus infection” when he went in today, but that doesn’t explain the puking … And blood.  

It’s the plague, I tell ya!

I have no pictures to share. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see pictures of this!! 😊

In other news, I placed a Younique order today. *shhhhhh* don’t tell anyone. The money came out of an account that shouldn’t be, and is hardly ever used (for very good reason … Like there’s less than $200 in it). Hopefully it will be an investment, though.

I don’t plan on leaving this. I have not had ONE sale since I started in September, but I believe in a lot of the product. I HATE pushy sales, though. I just keep posting on FB about buying, but that even feels pushy a bit to me. I want to get enough followers where I just have people order because they want and need product.

How does one make that work? I don’t want to be pushy. I want to help people. I want to work from my phone on mostly social media. I want people to interact with me. 

There is nothing worse than making a post (or doing a blog *a-hem*), and not getting ONE comment. It feels like I’m just spinning my wheels over here. LOL!

Changed of subject …

This is going to be a lean, mean, completely different Christmas than we are used to. What do I do to not disappoint the kids. 

What can I do with very very limited income? I need to get creative, and fast. At this point, Santa may not come. πŸ˜•  No … That has to happen. Ideas would be superb, though.

In other questions … Hoping people answer … What should I write about next on this blog? I’m kind of all over the place. Christmas movies? Binging Netflix? Ipsy bags? Birchbox subscriptions? Scentbird? My LLR obsession? Old movies? Making movies? Fashion? Kids crafts? Recipes? Disney? Social issues? Biblical things? Theme parks? Travel? All of the above?

Help!! 😊

Anyhoosy … Please pray for J. He is ROUGH, and I’m worried. And, pray Miss “No Immune System” over here doesn’t get it!!

Don’t forget the random acts of kindnesses that start the 27th. Instead of a stressful, hateful Christmas (which, we’ve all witnessed the Black Friday Crazies), let’s make it happy and a Blessing for others!

**These are two of the only pics I have on my phone, and they say to always post a pic with your blog. So, here ya go!! 😊 

Ad placement for the church. πŸ™‚

Rehydrate with moisturizer, that 41 year old skin!

Be The Light

So, they posted the calendar of which I spoke about in yesterday’s post!! I encourage you to join in and post pictures!

The ones I can’t do … Due to funds, or being stuck at home … I’m going to try to do something alternate. It will be a lot of work, but we will see!! I love the idea of flooding the Internet with these Random Acts of Kindness!!


Also, as previously mentioned, shop local Saturday is coming up November 26th. Check these out:

Kember’s $5 Boutique

Dannel’s LuLaRoe 

Younique Amanda

LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique 

Ashley Davis (find on Facebook)- My It Works

Tammy Smith (find on Facebook)- Travel Agent specializing in Disney

Jennifer Fales (find on Facebook) – Crochet Wreaths

Tarha Atkins (find on Facebook)- It Works

LuLaRoe Megan Callicutt

Amber King Camp – Scentsy

Lauren Coyne Ingold – Stella and Dot

Ellan Walden Campbell – Kindermusik

Claudia’s Carolina Creations

Susan Kinsey Jamberry Nails

Jennifer’s Trendy Embroidered Gifts

Nessa Makes Amazing Lip

LuLaRoe Amber-Drew 

Did I miss any? If you want to be added, let me know!!

Shop small!! Don’t forget to be the change you want to see! Be kind to others!


I’m embarrassed to say that I’m 41, and have no idea what “Advent” is. I hear about it every year at Christmas. We always have an “Advent Calendar,” which, to me, has always just been a fun way to count down the days until Christmas. 

Advent Calendar available through Amazon at link above.

This year, I decided to join an Instagram Advent group (I think it will be #bethelight … But I’ll update on that). Really, it’s a Random Act of Kindness group (organized by @bushelandbobbin), but it coincides with the Advent story. I was all excited about the Random Acts of Kimdness, but then I thought … “Shoot! I should probably find out what this Advent thing is that I’m agreeing to.”

According to, Advent “begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, which is the Sunday nearest November 30, and ends on Christmas Eve (Dec 24). If Christmas Eve is a Sunday, it is counted as the fourth Sunday of Advent, with Christmas Eve proper beginning at sundown.”

Yay Christmas!

That’s fine and dandy, but what the heck is Advent? I could start reading about Epiphony and everything it coincides with, but my head starts to hurt a little, and I don’t want it to explode.

From what I can gather, and I suppose you could nicely correct me if I’m wrong, but Advent is the time that leads up to the coming of Christ. Back in biblical times, it coincided with the coming of the baby Jesus. In modern times it seems to represent the Church waiting for the “Second Coming.”

I don’t want to get into some religious philosophical debate. I want to keep it simple … For people like me.

For my purposes, and the purposes of this fun Instagram group (anyone can actually follow it), it is going to focus on the Christmas Story. The Real one, not the Santa Clause one. 

The Nativity via

It will start on Sunday, Novemeber 27 and go through Christmas Eve. Each day, someone will post a verse (I’m not 100% certain, buthoping it is the story of The Birth), and do a Random Act of Kindess that is assigned for that day. So there will be 28 days of verses flooding Instagram, and 28 days of somebody doing nice for somebody! Isn’t that cool?!

But ….

I want to take it further! I want to do something each day. And I want YOU to play along if you so desire! How great would it be if these Random Acts were happening everyday, all over! The world would be so full of love.

Now, I’m very limited right now on what I can do. I’m stuck at home mostly, and have physical limitations. This won’t stop me, though! If you want to participate, just do it!! You can tell us, or you can keep it to yourself. Telling will help motivate people, however. Let’s FLOOD the Internet with random acts of kindness this season!

Be looking for future posts with ideas for each day. You can post on my Facebook: MommaPossum, or my Instagram: amandamoring with what you did. Heck, post on both! Hashtag it #bethelight

I am so excited about this. It makes my heart happy. 

Don’t know where I got this, but it’s so true!!

Be a blessing today. Spread the love. It only takes a second to make someone’s day!

*** UPDATE: there’s a website on Facebook to follow along!!! ***


Hello, my Lovlies! 

It’s Monday! I don’t know if that’s good or bad for you. It’s just more of the same for me.

I’m not going to lie, I had 5 (okay, maybe 35) minutes of crying and feeling sorry for myself today. I then got myself together, and did what I could to be human with what was left of this Monday.  

I did a little bit of makeup to make me feel better.

It took me 2 hours, but I folded some clothes while sitting in bed.

Watched a Christmas movie while I folded.

Hard boiled some eggs. This one was harder … But I did it!!

Even painted my nails with this AWESOME sample I got from Ipsy.

I worked on my mom’s Facebook and Instagram sites. Trying to help her when I can.

Now I’m tired.


I’m sitting here. I’m blogging. I’m trying to think of ways to market my mom’s bracelets.

I’m thinking about Thanksgiving; I’m thinking about Christmas. 

It will be much different this year. I’ll let you know if that’s a good or bad thing. 😊

Anyhow …

Did anyone see the super moon tonight?

Photo credit: my dad, Patrick Rutherford

Gorgeous, eh! It’s hard to dwell on all the problems when God provides such beautiful distractions. 

I hope you have a good week. Please be kind to each other. 

Remember random kindness and unsolicited smiles are what living is about!

Cowboy Noodles

This is a recipe 😊

  • 1 box velveeta Mac and cheese
  • 1/2 pound of your choice of noodles (spaghetti broken in half, Mac noodles, ziti, whatever)
  • 2 cans of chili beans
  • 1 can of tomatoes with chilis
  • Optional – cooked ground beef

    Cook noodles all together until done. Drain. Add cheese packet to noodles. Add beans and tomatoes with chilis. If using beef, add it. Stir all together. Enjoy!!

    Another option- serve with a bit of sour cream, cheddar cheese, and crushed tortilla chips.

    Easy Enchiladas

    This is a recipe 😊

    In all honesty, I don’t know how actual enchiladas are made, so this may just be regular enchiladas! 


    • Corn Tortillas (or flour taco size of you so desire) 
    • Large Can Red Enchilada Sauce (I like Old El Paso, but that’s just me)
    • Large Bag of Shredded Cheese (I use Colby-Jack)


    Open can of red sauce. Heat in medium pot over medium heat on stove until steamy. (This part gets a bit messy) Dip one tortilla completely in sauce to cover both sides. Put saucy tortilla in separate cooking pan (I use a square small pan … Like a cornbread pan). Fill saucy tortilla with small handfull of cheese. Roll up tortilla and scoot to edge. Repeat until pan is full. Cover with remaining sauce from pan. Cover with about a large handfull (or more if you’re me) of cheese. Bake at 350Β° until bubbly … About 20 minutes. Just watch it.

    Serve: Don’t get all crazy (Unless you want to. I won’t judge.). Cut piece into a square, and put on plate. Serve with sour cream and hot sauce if you want.

    Options: Endless! Add cooked ground beef or cooked chicken (you KNOW I would use rotisserie chicken) to cheese inside tortillas. Top with black olives … Chopped or sliced before cooking. Add jalepenos. Add corn. Add beans. Use whatever sounds good to you!


    Glory Be!

    I have so much I want to talk about tonight! Maybe it’s the chemo making me crazy; maybe it’s lack of sleep making my creative bug explode; maybe I’m just nuts! Maybe I should just go live so you can try to follow?

    You can fast forward to the parts that interest you (or be a rebel and read the whole thing!! 😊).

    FIRST OF ALL please go follow me 

    Facebook: MommaPossum and Younique Amanda

    Instagram: amandamoring

    Snapchat: amandamoring 

    And here!! At

    And share share share! The more you just get the word out, the more it helps a struggling, sick (milk it while I can, right 😊) momma!!

    Okay … 

    1) Did you know I have easy, cheaters recipes on this blog? Yep! Search it. I’m adding recipes all the time! Don’t like fancy, unattainable recipes? Check these babies out!!

    2) I had chemo today. I was only able to sleep like 7 minutes. I usually sleep an hour or more due to the IV zofran and Benadryl they give me. SO … It is currently 10:15, and I have like this drug-induced insomnia. It is awful and cool all at the same time! My mind is going like a million times a minute. LOL! — They had to stick me three times for the IV access today. I am so used to this by now. I constantly look beat up from all the failed stick attempts. LOL! — I am HOPEFULLY half-way done with treatments as of today. They are going to reevaluate after six months. Today was three. — I’m not bald yet. Kind of disappointed about that! LOL! It’s not like on TV, people! My hair has thinned a lot, though. Especially in the front (I think? I can’t see the back, so …).

    3) Can somebody explain to me how I keep gaining weight?!? I’m eating healthier, I’ve added in water to the mix, and they dropped my Prednisone from 80mg to 40mg. I was totally expecting a weight loss today when I stepped on that horrid scale. Nope. Gained 10 pounds this month. It’s not like I can get on a treadmill or walk the block or do an exercise video, or stand (LOL!). I thought, for sure, I had lost, though. 😭

    4) I’m not certain in what way to take this blog. Different people are saying I need to focus on one thing … What I’m passionate about. But, that leads me to another point …

    5) How do you know what you’re passionate about? I mean, I like a bunch of things. I like to try a plethora of different things. It’s not like I live to cook, or read, or crochet, I can’t do art, I don’t know how to sport. I mean, I like to watch TV. I like swaps. I like makeup. I like cooking … In theory. But, I don’t feel strongly about any one thing. Does this make me crazy? Seriously. I’m asking. How do you realize your passions?

    6) It has been said that people will not read a blog without pictures, so here you go 😊:

    Not mine. I don’t have any idea where it came from. I am, however, thankful for my veteran peeps!

    7) Younique. I swear, I’ve not used better mascara, ever!! I love all the other makeup too. I sell, because I love it, and I’m trying to stay afloat as a mommy who is currently unable to work her career as an RN. By supporting me, you are supporting local business, and also supporting my family. If you can’t buy, pass my info on! That helps too! 

    Mineral Pigment Powders

    Color Samples of Lucrative Lipgloss


    8) A Gift From Emma. This charity encompasses everything I have been preaching for 5+ months. Go read her story. Please make the world a brighter place. Do random acts of kindness for random people around you. You don’t (or maybe you do? I don’t know) realize how much the smallest kind act can turn around someone’s day!!

    9) Random picture break:

    Natalie in Gatlinburg playing with glow things

    10) 10 Random Facts About Me:

    1. I like veggie food more than meat
    2. I love home shopping parties
    3. I have always wanted deep purple hair, but can’t get anyone to do it for me
    4. I have one tattoo on my lower back (okay, let’s be honest, it’s basically my butt). It’s a small heart with a ribbon falling around it. I did it as an act of rebellion, but it hurt so bad it probably won’t happen again!! 😊
    5. I can’t feel my right eyeball. Like at all. I can touch it all day, and NUTH’IN.
    6. I hate sweet tea, but I love blackberry sweet tea from Chilis. I’m weird.
    7. I have to sleep with the fan on me … Even in the winter … Even when the heater is broken. I don’t know why.
    8. I love love love Alice in Wonderland, but have never cared for the movie. I just love her! 
    9. I would work in the film industry if I could. This is really no surprise to those that know me, though. I LOVE the tedinous of editing film together into a cohesive film.
    10. I love Keith Green and other “Jesus Movement” music from the late 70’s and early 80’s. It soothes and relaxes me. It speaks to my soul. It’s totally what I grew up on 24/7 with my parents, and it has stuck!
    11. I am addicted to Facebook Lives … Especially Poise and Purpose, Nessa Makes, Mama Loves Food, and Let’s Make Lunch.
    12. I desperately still want to be friends with my child-hood friends. I still think of them as close friends, even though we lead completely separate lives, and don’t really talk! Tina, Beth, Hailey, Jennifer, Kim, Cara, even Kasey, I’m talking to you!!
    13. I still think it’s the 90’s. I love grunge music, and would wear flannels, chokers, and Doc Martins all day, every day if I could.
    14. My best friend is 15 years younger than me, and she has a different best friend. It’s okay. I still love her, and can’t imagine my life if God hadn’t placed her in it!
    15. I got engaged like 2 months after I started dating my husband. That was 16 years ago, and we are still together!! I wouldn’t trade him for the world.
    16. I thrive in clean, spotless environments, but I can’t clean to save my life. I have a mental block against it.
    17. I’ve always sucked at counting and math.
    18. I’ve been to Israel. I was scared to death, but loved it! Our tour guide AND sponsor (Zola, not the new guy!)  have since passed, both from cancer, and I cried (sobbed) like I’d lost a family member both times.
    19. I was a manager at Starbucks. One of the best … And worst …. Jobs I’ve ever had. I LOVED making the perfect drink!! I prided myself on perfection. But my last DM was impossible to work with.
    20. Random picture break: 

      Accidental picture in my room from my phone. LOL!

    11) I think I want to try to sell my mom’s bracelets via Facebook live. Kind of like some of the LuLaRoe and Vantel Pearls people do. They are such good bracelets, and she currently has no marketing plan for them. They are all (mostly) one of a kind, and I think it would be fun! And close to film, eh?

    12) Random picture break:

    Coffee is life … So is Caramel Apple Butter!

    13) I’m not out of things to talk about … OH NO … But, I doubt anyone has made it this far. So, I will try to go to sleep!

    Please comment that you read this, even part. 😊 And then do all that stuff up there ^^^ I said about following and sharing on FB, Instagram, ect. Help a momma out!

    I love and appreciate you all. You ALL have value to me, and make my life brighter. Thank you for being you!!