Why Is That

I’ve been thinking, why is it that some people get 386 “Likes” on a page, while others get … None. I mean, I do this blog because I want a creative outlet to write, so why do I care who likes it? LOL! I know I LOVE blogs where I can add to the creativeness, […]

Immune System? Who Needs One!

Ugh. The joys of chemo. (I’m getting really sick of that word! Are you?). Not only is my hair falling out, but now I get the bonus of having a wonky immune system. What would be allergies for a normal person, has moved into my lungs, becoming THE COUGH THAT WOULDN’T DIE!! I had to go to […]

Update, Update, Who Wants An Update?

I promised you an udate yesterday, so I guess I should give you one. I had quite an eventfull day yesterday. We’ll go out of order. I forced myself to go to physical therapy. Once again, it is an hour and a half away, and quite an ordeal to even get there. This is the […]