Things I Love *let’s try this again*

I was much more eloquent when writing this the FIRST time. You know, that time Saturday night … at one-thirty in the morning… before I accidentally hit the “delete” button … losing EVERYTHING I had written and formatted.  You know, good times.

This is what I was feeling!!

Anyway …

Being stuck at home has had its advantages. Having no income and no seeming purpose in society sucks. It brings on a depression  like you can’t even imagine. It forced me, after a time of self-loathing and cursing anything and everything for putting me in this situation, to focus outwardly on finding things that would fulfill me; things that would make me happy for this season. I have found some things I really enjoy. I have made “friends” I would have missed. I have developed interests I didn’t even know I had. I guess you could consider this #stupidstroke a blessing in disguise. 

So without further ado, things I love right now …

1) Poise and Purpose:

Hope I am allowed to use this, since I’m basically promoting them. 😊

Poise and Purpose is really a blog. It has all sorts of articles to peruse, from makeup to real life; it has some of everything. I found them on Facebook by randomly seeing Kaleigh in my Facebook feed playing with makeup with her sister. What started out as just following on Facebook to see Kaleigh do cool makeup has turned into a family. Through Poise and Purpose, I found Poise Chat. It is a group of ladies (and a few dudes) that lift each other up. They are always there with a kind word, or just to know there is someone on this earth that cares. Yes, they help with makeup tips, but it is so much more than that. It is like a family; it is a place I can go to feel safe and loved. I know they will always have my back. They “know” me, even if they don’t know me. Love me my Poise ladies (and dudes😊).

2) Paparazzi Jewelry:

Again, hope they let me use this 😊

I honestly don’t know how I came across Kember Blake. She told SOMEBODY about this $5 jewelry she sells. That’s right … I said $5. I was totally skeptical at first. I ordered some just to see if the hype was real. HOLY MAN! The stuff is decent quality! It matches things I wear!! It’s awesome!! Hello, Christmas! Hello, teachers’ gifts! Hello, birthdays! Her inventory changes constantly, so there is always something new to choose from! She carries inventory on her Facebook page

A very small sample of what she has in her Facebook albums!

as well as the website. As a bonus, follow her on SnapChat (Kemberful15) and Facebook. She is so sweet and hilarious!

3) Instagram Swaps:

There are millions!!!

Okay, it’s a bit of an addiction. I tend toward the craft ones … Even though I’m not crafty AT ALL. LOL! It forces me to get out of my shell and do something new. I really hope I don’t disappoint the recipient with what they get, but it’s so much fun! You send something out, and get something in return. There is always someone running the swap, so you won’t end up sending but not receiving anything. If that were to happen, there are “swap angels” that step up to give gifts. If you are interested, you can go to my Instagram (amandamoring), and see some of the ones I’ve done. 

An example of what I got in my last Instagram Swap

Then, you may have a better idea of what to type in the search engine. p.s. There are a ton! If you aren’t in to crafting, you can find one geared towards what you like (ex: Disney, Comics, Dr Who, Harry Potter, Color Pop, Makeup, etc)

4) Blogging:

My blog landing page

I can’t tell you how much blogging has helped me during this time of being so incapable of doing much of anything. It is something I have control over, and it’s mine! Yes, I get frustrated when I do all this writing, and nobody reads it, but I have to remember that I am writing for ME! It is a diary of sorts; it’s just a way to get my thoughts out or even vent if I want to.

There are about eleventy-hundred blog sites to choose from. I, personally, use WordPress. It’s easy enough, and I can edit easily from my smart phone.

People will tell you the hardest part is just starting, and it’s so true! You may think you have nothing to write about, but just do it! Write anything! Get the first one out of the way, and you will be unstoppable.
5) LuLaRoe:

I do not own rights to this picture. It is for reference.

Talk about an addiction. It is more of a cult, really. LOL! If you have not heard of their buttery-soft leggings, stop. Stop what you are doing right now. Find your closest Consultant and get some. 

LuLaRoe also carries shirts (my favorite is The Perfect T), dresses (my favorite is The Carly), cover-up pieces (I love the Sarah Cardigan), and skirts (I have a crush on the Maxi). Am I forgetting anything? 

I know about a million people that sell LuLaRoe, so I don’t dare tag a certain linked website! You can also find about a million-and-a-half groups on Facebook related to this clothing straight from heaven. For the record, today I am wearing a pair of LLR leggings, a Perfect T, and lacy Joy.

Leggings are pants, people!! 😊


Oh, I could go on and on with things I love right now, but let’s stop at five today … Give you something to anxiously wait for on the edge of your seat!! Tee-hee!!

Until next time: Be nice to each other! It makes the world a happier place!!

**I am NOT sponsored by anybody, and all my opinions are my own**

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