Parents, Halloween, and Netflix

Hey parents! I’m talking to you today. 

It is the week before Halloween. It kind of snuck up on me this year. I don’t know if I’ve just been busy, tired, or oblivious. It is JUST NOW starting to feel and look like Fall here in NC. That might be part of the delay of recognition.

Nod to Fall in my backyard

Anyway …

I have younger kids. They are nine and five years old. They like to “celebrate” Halloween, as kids (most people, really) do. One of the things they LOVE to do is watch Halloween shows and movies.

The kids

I don’t like them seeing scary or gory Halloween, and luckily they don’t like it either. Truth be told, I don’t let them watch anything with ghosts, Witches, Wizards, spells, ect. I’ll probably get some hate mail for that, but that’s my perogative. 

This makes it really hard to “celebrate” Halloween here. What they watch on TV this time of year is next to impossible!! That being said, I have gone through Netflix to see what they have to offer viewers, aged about ten and under, to watch this week before Halloween. (Let it be known there are PLENTY of gory, scary, child-inappropriate Halloween shows to watch on Netflix, if that is your thing.)

I am obviously not endorsing all of these, nor have I seen them all. From their descriptions on Netflix, some are CHEESEBALL CITY, but none seem too scary or gory for the young viewer. Use your best judgement as a parent.

Here we go:

1) Curious George a Haloween Boofest, TV-G, 56 minutes  

(2) Room on the Broom, G, 26 minutes  

(3) Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein, G, 1 hour 18 minutes  

(4) Mickey’s House of Mouse Villians, TV-Y7, 1 hour 8 minutes  

(5) Goosebumps Series (Based on the books), Live Action, TV-Y7, 21 minutes per episode  

(6) Hotel Transylvania 2, PG, 1 hour 29 minutes  

(7) ET, PG, 1 hour 54 minutes  

(8) Pac’s Scary Halloween, TV-Y7, 44 minutes  

(9) The Little Ghost, Live Action, TV-PG, 1 hour 31 minutes  

(10) Alpha and Omeg The Legend of Saw Tooth, TV-G, 45 minutes  

(11) Goosebumps the Movie, Live Action, PG, 1 hour 43 minutes  

(12) Escape to Witch Mountain, Live Action, G, 1 hour 37 minutes  

(13) Spooky Stories 2 TV Series, TV-PG, 12-13 minutes per episode  

(14) Children’s Favorite Halloween Treats (this is just episodes of Barney, Bob the Builder, Rubbadubbers, Angelina Ballerina,  Kipper, and Pingu strung together), TV-Y, 1 hour 37 minutes  

(15) Casper’s Scary School, TV-Y7, 1 hour 18 minutes  

(16) Nanny McPhee, Live Action, PG, 1 hour 38 minutes  

(17) Disney’s Spooky Buddies, Live Action with Talking Dogs, G, 1 hour 28 minutes 

(18) Disney’s Girl vs Monster, Live Action, TV-PG, 1 hour 28 minutes

Honorable mention goes to The Corpse Bride. It’s rated PG and runs 1 hour 17 minutes, but I know Tim Burton films are too dark for some kids.

There is noticeably a lot missing from this list (like Hotel Transylvania, the original movie). I have only included shows that can actually be streamed from Netflix this week.

Hope this helps!

Gratuitous family shot

Now this Momma has to go watch The Walking Dead. 🙂

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