Grab Your Drink of Choice and Start Watching

Let’s talk Netflix, since I have nothing better to do on this Saturday night at 8:30pm (seriously, when did I get so old?!?).

I “binge” watched before binge-watching was cool!! Here are some shows you guys should check out, if you haven’t already:

1) PUSHING DAISIES – Do you know how seriously sad I was that this show only lasted two seasons? Tragic! It is a whimsical show about a guy named Ned (played by Lee Pace). Ned is a pie-maker. Oh, by-the-by, he can bring people, who were dead, back to life with one touch. Of course, in every good story there is a twist … By raising a person from certain death, another living being must die in their place within exactly one minute. Ned keeps his “gift” mostly a secret. He teams up with an understated PI (played by Chi McBride) to solve murder cases by bringing the murder victims back to life long enough to “solve” their murders. Hilarity, whimsy, and fantastical situations ensue. 

2) DEAD LIKE ME – Not one to watch with the kids in the room. Tragically, this show also only lasted 2 seasons. It is about a group of so-called “grim reapers” who must make sure the newly dead make it to the afterlife by meeting them at their time of death, ushering them to the great beyond. As in Pushing Daisies, there is a twist. Georgia (played by Ellen Muth), the main character dies early in the first episode. She still walks the earth, but in the form of another person. So, she knows her family, but they don’t know who she is at all. This series will suck you right in. There was a “movie” made after the last episode, to kind of try to tie everything together, but for the love of skittles … Don’t waste your time. DO however, watch the series!!

3) PSYCH – Many have seen at least part of this series. It was on for a whopping EIGHT seasons! Shawn Spencer (played by James Roday) has honed a skill from his detective father since he was a young boy: he has the gift of observation. He can solve most any case just by observing his surroundings. Surprise! There is a twist. Shawn is a bit of a slacker,and can’t cut it as a normal detective. He teams with his childhood friend, Gus (played by Dulé Hill), to create a completely fake psychic agency that seemingly solves cases for the Santa Barbara police department. There are tons of throwback 1980s references, as well as nods to pop culture. It is hilarious, and highly recommended. (Feel free to skip the musical episode)

4) MONK – It is hard for me to see Tony Shalhoub, the Monk that is Monk, as anybody but the quirky character he plays in this series. It also was on for eight seasons, and is one of my favorite shows of all times. Monk, who was a quirky, obsessive-compulsive detective, goes through a tragedy that causes him to leave the force. He is, however, invaluable to them, and he does free-lance consulting for them. Shocker!! There is a twist. He must do things in his own quirky way, with his own personal life-assistant. You will find yourself empathising and oddly relating, at times, to this quirky character. You’ll love him.

5) STRANGER THINGS– Seriously. Is there anyone who hasn’t watched this show? If you haven’t, and you were alive at any point in the 1980s, you better stop reading this right now, turn on Netflix, and start watching. Part 80’s horror, part Sci-fi, part comedy, part mystery … It has everything. It IS everything. So many 1980’s references and nods, I can’t name them all. The kids on the show are perfect! It even has Wynona Ryder as a mother. HELLO!! Don’t watch with the kids in the room, but WATCH!! It has developed a cult-type following, and has even spawned its own type of music!

So there ya go! Five shows to get ya started!

What have you been binge-watching?

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