Twenty Things … Revamped

Hola, my peeps!


I now have a legit reason for trying to gather twenty things of greatness for 2017. Not that just pure curiosity and wish-listing wasn’t an epic reason to ask for brainstorming and input.

Anyhoo …

I signed up for a swap (Yes, I have a problem. It’s much cheaper than LuLaRoe, people!) on Instagram. In said swap, I have to come up with (only) seventeen items I think will be of value to my partner in 2017 (See what they did there … 17 for 2017). They can reflect my partner, but they really are supposed to be items I would like to have, or I would use, or reflect ME in 2017. 


I can spend $5 or $500.

Fun, huh! 

It’s harder than it sounds, though. I don’t know myself as well as I think! I don’t think my partner’s going to want vasculitis pills 

Or maybe she will! Haha!

Or items to sleep all day.

Or maybe she would! Haha!

I had to ask the ring-leader of the swap for ideas. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a first-class idiot! She had some good ideas, though I put my own spin on some.

Coffee, food, a bookmark with a phrase I use all the time, a recipe I make, a little drink I like, a book I love, something to do with a favorite show, something I carry everywhere with me, a hobby, or a pattern (Sewing?!? Obviously, she is more crafty than I).

I had some groovy ideas too: yarn, a journal, a candle, sleep mask, fingernail polish, a nice mug,

** Disclaimer ** just because it’s listed and linked does NOT mean my partner is getting the item!!

What are some of your ideas? They can (and preferably) will be small. I’m not looking to break the bank, just have a bit of fun in my drab world.

I can also have gently used items (books, ect) or handmade items.

Mug rug I recently worked on

So … Now it’s your turn. Thoughts, ideas??

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  1. So your partner is randomly selected or do you know? I think it is neat for people to give state-related gifts to those who don’t live in the same state, They have that store at the mall that has some NC made goodies…could be cool? Nice soft socks or slippers are always good, especially coming upon wintertime…maybe a pretty picture frame that will inspire a favorite picture to be framed (Marshalls usually has a good inexpensive selection)….maybe some small goodies from Ulta like little face mask packets or makeup samples (you know, those little things they keep near the counter that look like good stocking stuffer ideas)…a pocket size water color kit is fun (I do not know where you get them, but my previous boss bought me one with a leather journal. It is like a makeup compact that opens and has water color paints, and has a brush “pen” that you can fill with water.)…Books-A-Million at the mall has some fun and neat little (sometimes strange) goodies up around their counters; you may find something inexpensive and interesting there. That’s all I can think of for now. If any other ideas pop up, I’ll let you know.


    1. So, you are randomly paired with somebody in the USA. Sometimes they are “blind” swaps, but in this case we were told the Instagram name of our partner, so we can stalk them. LOL! All good ideas! I don’t drive, but it might be fun over several days to have J drive me around! I think an NC gift would be cool! I like all the other ideas too! In fact, they’d make a fun care package (when I have an income again) to brighten someone’s day. 🙂


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