Middle-of-the-night MRI Fun!

Hey, Preciouses! I am finally getting around to writing about my late-night MRI! It’s pretty fitting that I’m sitting here (laying here) writing about the middle of the night … In the middle of the night! 

This is what it looked like Thurs night … And it’s pretty much what it looks like right now!

So, I had been having some returning symptoms … Blah, blah,blah  … We already talked about this in the ER post. So Thursday night at 9:30pm was the only time they could fit me in.

Looks a lot different riding up at night!

It was like a ghost-town at Ye Old Duke Hospital. We are used to hustle and bustle of day life, but there was just about nobody there!

I thought I was fine, not nervous at all, until we hit the Cancer Center :

The title of this branch of the hospital is just scary.

I took my Valium, and I felt calm, but my body told a different story. They wheeled me back to the waiting room (because I can’t walk that far), and the waiting began …


Too tense to relax
Apparently more nervous than I think

I must say, when I finally got back and met the three staff members that helped me, it was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MRI experience I have ever had. The team was so friendly and helpful. They were gentle and kind. They knocked the fear factor down a couple notches. Loves them so!!

The “test” took about 20 minutes. They did it without contrast, which I’m assured is okay for stroke detection. (I freaked a little while there, and three people nicely reassured me) 

Besides being put in a scary tube of death:

Picture stolen, but this is pretty much it.

The worst part is the sound. For those that have never had the privilege of having a ride on the MRI coaster, here is an example of the sounds: let’s hope this works. They come in bursts, and a lady was nice enough to come on the speaker and let me know what was coming. The sounds and vibrations last from 2 to 4 minutes a piece. On a side note, most of the MRI tubes they stick you in are dark … Like a close, tight, tunnel of death. This one had lights in it. Even with a washcloth over my face, I could see the light, and it felt more open. So much better for the claustrophobe!!
So it was over pretty quickly! It was the best MRI experience I’ve ever had. I’d even do it there again … And that’s saying a lot!! 

On the way out, I was mesmerized by the sparkly floors:

My weird aside of a tangent to this story. Give me a break, I was tired then, and I’m tired now!

Well, that’s about it. No results read that night. Have to wait. Cross your fingers and toes that it’s all copacetic! 

One last picture. J wanted to make sure everyone knows he kept me safe by wearing my ring during the procedure. No jewelry allowed in the giant magnet room!! How sweet!

On that same note, don’t forget to do something, no matter how small or large, to be a help to someone in your life! Be the encouragement and joy to someone’s day.

Love you all!

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  1. Jonathan most certainly had an important role! I loved the sparkly floors. I’d likely also be intrigued … without the meds. Luke had an MRI awhile back and it was such a harsh noise I barely got through a couple of minutes. He bolted after about that long bc it hurt his head so bad. They ended up having to reschedule him and knock him out for the procedure. Glad your went more smoothly! Love you guys.

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  2. I am so sorry you are going through all this., I could not. It upsets me that we are in 2016 with all the “modern equipment” but yet we still suffer. And that answers always come with question marks.
    Prayers for you each & everyday,. Regardless of the trials each day, keep your positive & vibrant personality!!

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  3. Amanda, if you have to do another I will give you something to think aboit. Each of these machines never sound the same. I have the exact MRIs every two months. Sometimes I get the same machine and sometimes I do not. but regardless, each one sounds different. I have been at least 12 different machines there…gives me something to think about. some of them have mirrors to see out and that can help too. listening to music helps too..they get tired of hearing my aweful singing when my favorite songs come on. anyway. you know I am there for y’all and am willing to give you information if you need it….BTW there is a Chic fila there in the basement 😉


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