Why Is That

I’ve been thinking, why is it that some people get 386 “Likes” on a page, while others get … None. I mean, I do this blog because I want a creative outlet to write, so why do I care who likes it? LOL!

I know I LOVE blogs where I can add to the creativeness, like adding to a list of fun things to try or revisit in 2017. It’s like pulling teeth, though to get anyone to help!! Haha!

I digress ….

Tomorrow I get to have another MRI. I don’t get it until 9:30pm …. That’s at night … Past my bedtime … NINETY long minutes away.  

Natalie hit the nail on the head with that look! I wouldn’t be doing it, except it is to rule out further damage to my lumpy mass of mess they call a brain.

For those that don’t know what an MRI is: they place (drop?) you, laying uncomfortably on the hardest table ever to exist, flat on your back. Then they mechanically slide you into a plastic tube snug enough just to have a complete panic attack. Then, you get to stay in said tube for like 30 minutes, all the while having said tube drive you insane with knocking and grinding. Bonus: if you have any metal on or near you, BEWARE. You will probably die. It is a giant magnet.

There has to be some kind of PTSD for people coming out of this thing. Luckily my doctor is no idiot. I get 2 whole pills to help me through the process. Someone come hold my hand.

HOPEFULLY … It will come back negative (and accurate), and we will still be headed on the right track. I want to work again. I want to be an asset to my family!!

In other news: Still looking for fun, quirky, retro, new things to do, try, own, or know for 2017!! Leave your list below, or on FB (mommapossum). I will look at each one!! 

Also, don’t forget to be kind! Pay it forward when you can. Do what you can to bless someone, not break them down. One random act of kindness, that’s all I beg of you! šŸ™‚ Tell me about what you did, if you feel comfortable doing so. 
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  1. In all my years of intense internet & blog work I have learned never ever ever ever look at numbers, such as how many are reading your blog. Write for the sheer joy of putting your heart down on paper, so to speak. They will eventually come. Keep pouring your heart out. When they come, they will read all the previous blogs, as well.

    I love the way you write!!!!!

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  2. Likes, shmikes. Don’t let that consume you any more or you’ll fall into the same trap so many others have. I’m still working on trying to come up with something good enough to add to your list! Two more things…sorry about having to do that so late…that sucks. I think you deserve a treat afterwards. Anything open after it? How far away is Maxie B’s? šŸ˜‰ The other thing is – you ARE an asset to your family and to others around you. Don’t make me get all Toby Mac on you. You slowed down but you are not knocked down.You’re an asset.

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