Immune System? Who Needs One!

Ugh. The joys of chemo. (I’m getting really sick of that word! Are you?). Not only is my hair falling out, but now I get the bonus of having a wonky immune system. What would be allergies for a normal person, has moved into my lungs, becoming THE COUGH THAT WOULDN’T DIE!!

I had to go to my Primary Care doctor today. She gave me a druggy cough syrup (PRAISE THE LORD) and another antibiotic (because apparently the one I’m already on prophylactically for the … Wait for it … CHEMO … isn’t enough).

Here’s to hoping they still let me have my treatment on Friday! My schedule is already screwed up enough. I don’t need to be switching and adding!


I’m going to break Blogging 101, and jump topics. 


I have been dwelling on my 20 things for 2017, and have come up with a few more!!

First, a cozy blanket (link is not blanket shown). I’m not talking any blanket. I’m talking about a silky, soft blanket that cuddles the skin, making you feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud. They just make you feel better. They can’t help it.


Next would be a candle. Not some expensive, pretty candle that looks exquisite, making people say, “Oh, look at that pretty candle.” I am talking about a candle that fills your house with sweet, welcoming fragrances. It has been my experience that some of the “cheapest” candles smell the absolute best!

Stock up. You’ll need one a day, because you’ll want to keep it burning from the moment you wake up until it burns out (like 16 hours later!!).

There’s a ton I want to add to this list, but today I will close with Scentbird. Have I already mentioned this? At first I was like, “Why on earth would anyone want or need perfume every month.”  I thought, “I’d never use it.” MAN was I wrong! I spray my pillow at night, I spray a little when I just need pretty, I spray some when I go out … And best of all … I get to try a new scent next month! And, NO, I’m not affiliated or sponsored at all. 

Okay. I’m sicky, and tired. Comment, and add to my list of 20 things. Comment and just say hello. I’m taking a nap.

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  1. A good furrbaby Lol there’s nothing like a good cuddling up with a dog or Kitty when your feeling sick to make you feel cozy and comfy


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