20 Things

I am feeling under the weather today. I think Matthew left me a present called SICK. 

A suppressed immune system sucks!

Anyway …

I have randomly (’cause that how I roll) spent the day thinking ahead to 2017.

What items do you think are important to have for 2017?

I am compiling a WISH LIST, if you will, of things for 2017. 

This will be updated periodically, and I seriously want your input. I want to get to at least 20 items … Preferably more!! Maybe there are things I don’t yet know about, or haven’t heard of.

Obviously at the top of my list of needed things for 2017 are LLR leggings (and, NO, I am not sponsored, and I do NOT sell).

If you have not tried these … I can’t even … Go try a pair now. Forget the $6 pair at Walmart, they don’t even compare. Go. Go now and find a Pop-Up to try some. Or just buy a pair, you won’t regret it. Don’t start with a solid pair! They are less stretchy and not as comfortable. Seriously, I could do a whole post just on these amazing clothes. But that is for another time.

I digress …

Another thing on my bucket list for 2017 is a mug rug. By that, I mean I want to learn to make one (accepting free lessons now!!). A mug rug is like a small placemat for your coffee cup. How cute is that?!? I’m just jumping on this bandwagon. 

Next would be the Lancôme Juicy Shaker! I really, really want to try one of these. I follow a Facebook group where EVERYONE is getting one. I have heard many good things (donations being accepted 😊).

Boom-Chicka-Pop would also be on my list. Not the plain. Not the salted. I’m talking full-flavor goodness.

Yum. I, unfortunately, could eat a whole bag in one sitting. Unfortunately, they are hard to find around these here parts. Our town is too small I guess. You can find the cheddar

about once a week, but never the special flavors!

What else would you add? Please give me ideas! They can be big or small. It really doesn’t matter. It’s all for fun!!


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  1. 1) Ninja blender
    2) Air fryer
    3) wall chargeable small lawn mower
    4) All 5 seasons of “Chuck”
    5) Young Living oils (restock)
    6) Manic Panic liquid makeup (restock)
    7)Ceramic hair brush straightener
    8) A new pair of American Eagle Jean’s
    9) Wireless color printer
    10) Polaroid camera

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