Update on Me

Went to the doctor today. More precisely, it was the neurologist to follow up on my ER visit from Friday. 

I was so excited. Can’t you tell. I completely gave up on my hair and makeup. 

**And, can I just take a moment to say WHEN DID FALL ARRIVE?!? It was actually hoodie weather, but I didn’t realize it until I got there! So disappointed I missed the opportunity to sweatshirt up!!**

I digress.

Mandatory coffee shot. It was way too early to be awake (9:40 LOL). And, I actually had to wait forever on J … I mean … FOREVER!!
 An hour and a half short hours later, we arrived. I am starting to really hate this drive.

Then, once you’re there, you have to walk (or in my case, ride in a wheelchair) like a mile to get to the clinic.
Then you wait for freaking ever to get checked in. p.s. You have to checkout after … in the same place. Ugh!

At least you get (more) coffee, and to be awesome while you wait.

If you’ve hung on this long, now you get the update I’m not happy about: They don’t know what is wrong with me. I could be regressing because I’m doing too much, stress, weird triggers, or it could be another stroke. Doctor said they should have admitted me at ER and done an MRI.

Turns out, I didn’t need (but am paying for) all the tests they DID do in ER.

I am now supposed to have an MRI outpatient, and then see the doctor the same day to make sure everything is okay.

Here’s the part I’m angry about:

They can’t do the MRI until the 13th … At 9:30 at night … When I have chemo again at 10 the next morning. THEN I can’t see the doctor (I have to see a freaking PA) until the 20th.

So, that’s a 15-day process. A LOT can happen in 15 days. Not to mention CHEMO again. 

It was scheduling that made my day bad. It’s always scheduling that screws me all up. 

So, a bad day calls for chipotle for lunch: 

Honestly, I think J just felt sorry for me. Totally didn’t have money to go there, but he knew I was pretty upset. 

So, that’s the update. I get to chill, with no stress, and no overdoing (seriously, have you met me?!?) until after I see the doctor … On the 20th.

Now I’m going back to sleep. Leave me a message of encouragement. I need it.


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  1. I’m glad you have started a blog, and there will be good and bad days, but you have the right frame of mind and will to overcome! You are my hero!

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  2. My life does not allow me to stay in touch with people as much as I would like. With that said, you are on my mind often. I have been in a position when doctors did not know what was going on. It was terrifying. I pray that they find an answer for you. I pray that you can have strength until they do. Until then, I will continue to think of you. You can do this. Love you

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  3. It”s so hard to know what to say anymore, sweetheart.
    It seems the only person in the whole world who knows what is wrong with you is God. “Dear God, thank you for Mandy & thank you for helping her to speak better & thank you for her to be with us today & fight to get better. God, we do not understand the peril you are putting her through, however, we do know you have said, you would never ever put us through something to difficult for us to survive. We have faith in you, that you will make Mandy whole & strong again. We love you dear God, & we have faith & we know you have a good reason for this peril to be upon Mandy & we believe your reason will help it to subside as quickly as the sickness came upon her. We don’t understand your reasons for this dear God, but we believe in you & have faith this will come to pass & you will make our Mandy whole again. Thank you for her husband & children that they, too, know you are with her, every step of the way and that they will find comfort in that. You are the Almighty God who knows everything about us & will keep us firm within your love for us. Thank you for your love & please help us to be strong at this time”. Amen.

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    1. He works that night. So dad will take me that night, J will take me back in the morning. It is what it is. I’m just going to go with it,
      And sleep during chemo. :-/


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