Momma Possum’s Top Five Coffee Addictions 

I love coffee. I always have, but I’ve been drinking it a lot more since I’ve been stuck at home. You’d be surprised at how many mug gifts I’ve gotten since I’ve been sick … But I need more! I need all the mugs!! But, that is for another time. Today we talk about the goodness that is 

So, what are my favorite ways to partake of this dark nectar of heaven? You’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of my top FIVE ways to partake (as of this week):

1) French Pressed and black. This gives you all the oils present in the bean. It is a stronger flavor coffee than some might be used to, but it is a full, rich flavor. It is best enjoyed black, hot, and curled up under a comfy blanket with a good book.  

Picture via Target

2) Regular brew. This can be done with a regular coffee pot, but I prefer a Keurig. It’s MUCH easier, and I think it’s faster, though not as full-flavor as the French Press. A touch of milk and a few packets of sugar stirred into this brew is sufficient. If I want to get all cray-cray, I’ll add a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk in place of the milk and sugar. It is a good coffee on the go. 

3)  Sweet Baby Brown. In a word, “Yum!” It is an iced espresso drink, poured over a spoonful of brown sugar that is sprinkled over a mountain of ice. Cream/Milk is added to fill the cup … More appropriately, a mason jar. The lid is then applied, and it is shaken … Not stirred. YUM! Just thinking about it is making me happy. It is great on its own, or with a good salad or sandwich.

Picture via The Table Farmhouse Bakery

4) The Traditional Cappuccino. Most people think of the fast-food cappuccino that is either 12 to 20 ounces, half foam, half steamed milk, and a shot or two of espresso. 

Some people even think of the (*gag*) vending machine cappuccino, which I’m sure is 95% sugar, but I’m NOT sure there is actually coffee in this knockoff.

No, I prefer a good mug of traditional Italian cappuccino. It is a whopping six ounces, served with double espresso, with cream or milk free-poured to fill. Sometimes I do get WILD and add a shot of flavoring or a packet of sugar in the raw. It pairs good with a scone, biscotti, or other pastry.

Picture via Coffeegeek

5) The Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks. Now, I can go hot or iced with this one. In warm weather: Iced; In cold weather: hot. But really, it just depends what mood I’m in. One thing is for sure: IT HAS TO BE MADE CORRECTLY!! The Carmel Macchiato is a LAYERED drink. Vanilla syrup goes on the bottom, then steamed milk, followed by a dollop of foam. Then two shots of espresso are poured over the dollop of foam. Next comes the best part. Wait for it. A cross-hatch of buttery caramel is layered on top. Picture via Starbucks picture via Starbucks

Now, go out and get your own coffee! Tell me what you like!!


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  1. For some reason I rarely have one….but I love coffee from a French press–yummy!! Though I must have cream and maybe a touch of sugar if I’m in the mood 🙂


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