I Just Need One Day

Okay, y’all. I get one day to gripe and not be okay. I spent 9-10 hours at the Duke ER yesterday, afraid I’d had another stroke.My energy has been non-existent, I can’t walk as well, can’t talk as well, can’t breathe as well, ect. I had all kinds of tests run (CT, X-ray, ect), and they don’t think I’ve stroked again. They don’t know why I have regressed, but they don’t think it was a stroke. Thank God.

I feel like (what’s a non- cussy word for “crap?”) today. I fell FOR THE FIRST TIME since all this mess happened. My legs simply wouldn’t hold me up to step onto the porch. I went down fast, right into the grass.

I’m a bit bruised. I wish I had a picture of me in the grass. It was actually pretty funny. All I could do was laugh, while J flipped out. LOL! 

Anyway, all this to say, I need a day to feel horrible. I need a day to lay in bed and not care about anything else. I want to go to Fall Festival (it is along the same lines as my Super Bowl … Although the Academy Awards are my Super Bowl … So ….) tomorrow, so I must save my energy today. If you see me there tomorrow, say “Hello!”  

Hopefully I’ll be more myself tomorrow.


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