Things I Love *let’s try this again*

I was much more eloquent when writing this the FIRST time. You know, that time Saturday night … at one-thirty in the morning… before I accidentally hit the “delete” button … losing EVERYTHING I had written and formatted.  You know, good times.

This is what I was feeling!!

Anyway …

Being stuck at home has had its advantages. Having no income and no seeming purpose in society sucks. It brings on a depression  like you can’t even imagine. It forced me, after a time of self-loathing and cursing anything and everything for putting me in this situation, to focus outwardly on finding things that would fulfill me; things that would make me happy for this season. I have found some things I really enjoy. I have made “friends” I would have missed. I have developed interests I didn’t even know I had. I guess you could consider this #stupidstroke a blessing in disguise. 

So without further ado, things I love right now …

1) Poise and Purpose:

Hope I am allowed to use this, since I’m basically promoting them. 😊

Poise and Purpose is really a blog. It has all sorts of articles to peruse, from makeup to real life; it has some of everything. I found them on Facebook by randomly seeing Kaleigh in my Facebook feed playing with makeup with her sister. What started out as just following on Facebook to see Kaleigh do cool makeup has turned into a family. Through Poise and Purpose, I found Poise Chat. It is a group of ladies (and a few dudes) that lift each other up. They are always there with a kind word, or just to know there is someone on this earth that cares. Yes, they help with makeup tips, but it is so much more than that. It is like a family; it is a place I can go to feel safe and loved. I know they will always have my back. They “know” me, even if they don’t know me. Love me my Poise ladies (and dudes😊).

2) Paparazzi Jewelry:

Again, hope they let me use this 😊

I honestly don’t know how I came across Kember Blake. She told SOMEBODY about this $5 jewelry she sells. That’s right … I said $5. I was totally skeptical at first. I ordered some just to see if the hype was real. HOLY MAN! The stuff is decent quality! It matches things I wear!! It’s awesome!! Hello, Christmas! Hello, teachers’ gifts! Hello, birthdays! Her inventory changes constantly, so there is always something new to choose from! She carries inventory on her Facebook page

A very small sample of what she has in her Facebook albums!

as well as the website. As a bonus, follow her on SnapChat (Kemberful15) and Facebook. She is so sweet and hilarious!

3) Instagram Swaps:

There are millions!!!

Okay, it’s a bit of an addiction. I tend toward the craft ones … Even though I’m not crafty AT ALL. LOL! It forces me to get out of my shell and do something new. I really hope I don’t disappoint the recipient with what they get, but it’s so much fun! You send something out, and get something in return. There is always someone running the swap, so you won’t end up sending but not receiving anything. If that were to happen, there are “swap angels” that step up to give gifts. If you are interested, you can go to my Instagram (amandamoring), and see some of the ones I’ve done. 

An example of what I got in my last Instagram Swap

Then, you may have a better idea of what to type in the search engine. p.s. There are a ton! If you aren’t in to crafting, you can find one geared towards what you like (ex: Disney, Comics, Dr Who, Harry Potter, Color Pop, Makeup, etc)

4) Blogging:

My blog landing page

I can’t tell you how much blogging has helped me during this time of being so incapable of doing much of anything. It is something I have control over, and it’s mine! Yes, I get frustrated when I do all this writing, and nobody reads it, but I have to remember that I am writing for ME! It is a diary of sorts; it’s just a way to get my thoughts out or even vent if I want to.

There are about eleventy-hundred blog sites to choose from. I, personally, use WordPress. It’s easy enough, and I can edit easily from my smart phone.

People will tell you the hardest part is just starting, and it’s so true! You may think you have nothing to write about, but just do it! Write anything! Get the first one out of the way, and you will be unstoppable.
5) LuLaRoe:

I do not own rights to this picture. It is for reference.


Talk about an addiction. It is more of a cult, really. LOL! If you have not heard of their buttery-soft leggings, stop. Stop what you are doing right now. Find your closest Consultant and get some. 

LuLaRoe also carries shirts (my favorite is The Perfect T), dresses (my favorite is The Carly), cover-up pieces (I love the Sarah Cardigan), and skirts (I have a crush on the Maxi). Am I forgetting anything? 

I know about a million people that sell LuLaRoe, so I don’t dare tag a certain linked website! You can also find about a million-and-a-half groups on Facebook related to this clothing straight from heaven. For the record, today I am wearing a pair of LLR leggings, a Perfect T, and lacy Joy.

Leggings are pants, people!! 😊


Oh, I could go on and on with things I love right now, but let’s stop at five today … Give you something to anxiously wait for on the edge of your seat!! Tee-hee!!

Until next time: Be nice to each other! It makes the world a happier place!!

**I am NOT sponsored by anybody, and all my opinions are my own**


Thursday Hijinx 

Well, it was that time again today:

Are you as tired of this view as I am?

Today was rheumatology. For some reason, it is neurology that diagnosis and manages a lot of my care, but rheumatology administers and tracks the effects of the chemo. They (rheum and neuro) have to talk, collaborate, and agree on treatment for me.

Me being me.

Rheumatology, while quite lovely doctors, are always a wee bit (okay a lot) more negative than neuro. While neurology says, “You’re young! You’ll rebuild neuro pathways! It will just take time. Give it time. You’ll have good days and bad, but you’re trend is to get better. We expect, with your age, you’ll make a near full recovery.”

I see this tunnel far too often.

Rheumatology says, “Well, you know your MRI showed a LOT of ‘spots’ right in your brainstem. You can’t rebuild those neurons. You may never make a recovery. You will always have symptoms, they will just have to be managed with therapy. We need to do another Lumbar Puncture (Dang It!!), and see if there is further damage and inflammation. What you have is so rare, we really don’t know how to treat it. We’re just doing what we hope is going to maybe work. Here …. We need more blood from you before you go.”

Forget the band aids! Pressure-wrap that little needle stick!!

So, while it was a good visit, in that it was confirmed I show no knew strokes on the MRI, it was disheartening, as rheumatology always is. They give me not much hope, ever. Like I said, the doctors I see are great, they just give me no hope, and hope, I believe, is my best bet right now.

They say selfies from a high angle make you look thin. I got as high as I could!!

So …. I continue on with therapy (That mean three more hours of car riding tomorrow; back to the same place. Poor J. Poor Aunt Linda who picks up my kids!!!) weekly. I’m supposed to do a water workout at the YMCA once a week. I go back to chemo Nov 11, followed by a neurology appointment, and then one month later, rheumatology again. But, let us not forget the 4th chemo that will happen around December 11. 

Whatevs. I’m just along for the ride.

Today’s adventure took a whopping 6 hours from leaving to returning. That was for one appointment. That was no major tests, and just one clinic. Feel my pain a bit?

Poor, poor J. Has to play chauffeur, and caretaker.

We pay ridiculous amounts for parking, not to mention gas, each time.

At least I get to sleep in my own bed tonight.

And get to drink my own coffee.

And my family is safe.

Cheeky monkeys

And I get to be here with them to see it all, even if I am a bit broken. Even if the money is quickly running out. Even if I have to have a million more painful test. I’ll get through it. 

Yeah, I totally stole this. Fitting though!

Goodnight. We’ll talk more later! Remember, you have value! You’re here for a reason. You may not understand that reason, but I promise you, there is a greater purpose. I love you all! Thank you for being you! 

Good night!

Lost in Cyberspace 

Happy Thursday!!

I just wasted all the energy I have for a Thursday trying to do a makeup video for Younique makeup. It took over 30 minutes to do with my wonky, not working  right hand,

Wonky right hand does not work correctly with my brain!

my strokey right eye, 

I know it LOOKS like my left eye, but it’s my cool right eye. It does what it wants.

and my slurry speech. 

How about that filter and sloppy lip!

Who knows what happened to said video. Apparently I don’t really know what I’m doing, and now I don’t have the energy to figure it out! LOL. It’s in cyber heaven, floating around the atmosphere somewhere.

It’s up there somewhere.


I’ll go ahead and give you the gist:
Eye lashes: 

3D Fiber Lashes



Pallet 1 Browns


Blurry? Oops. Brushes.


BB cream. Light moisturizing coverage.

Eyes and lips: 

Comes in many different colors. Goes on smooth!

That’s about it for makeup. There’s a ton more I didn’t use. Check out the site. I’m ordering tomorrow. It will come straight to your house!

I really can’t say enough good things about this makeup, especially the 3D Fiber Lashes. I used them before I even knew they had other makeup!

Thank God for Octobers

Do you ever feel like everything you touch turns to (what’s a non-cussy word for crap?)?

Thus is my life recently.

Let’s recap, shall we:

Worked dream-job at the Disney Store


Closest Picture I could find

– They went out of business 8 months later.


Worked second dream-job as content producer, camera person, and stage manager for a television program (felt more fulfilled than ever at this job)


Not me, but basically what I did … and loved!

– It went under 4 months later.


I get a bachelor’s degree in writing


Guilford College

– Can’t find a writing job to save my life.


Go BACK to school to be an RN (work my BUTT off)


Randolph Community College

– Pass NCLEX first try!! Get a great job, making great money


Operating Room RN









… have several debilitating strokes


You can see it in my eye









– Can’t stand for more than 30 seconds, walk without help, talk to be completely understood, nor perform any fine motor skills like cook, put on makeup, write, etc.


Start home-business with MLM makeup company I believe in – Get 2 people to order

Two years later start home-business with new makeup company to try to get an income – Not ONE PERSON ordered from virtual party.


Become admin on a Facebook site not owned by me – Not ONE person has posted since.
Have my OWN site on Facebook with high hopes and dreams – Might get one comment.


Everyone sells their used LLR online to recoup profit – I upload pictures with NO hits.


Is it just me? What the heck? I suggest you stay far, far away, because I will only drag you down!!

On a happy note, I have a new nephew who was born Sunday. His name is Elliott. I may get to see him someday. He is awfully cute, and I know snuggling him would make me feel better.

Now, I’m going to my hospital’s website to see if there are any work-from-home jobs … Because, the Good Lord knows, I need an income. I was reminded tonight exactly how financially in trouble we are. **That’s not a slap in the face to everyone who has helped us thus far. We so appreciate everything done for us. It’s just gotten really real really quickly**

Before I go, let me try to think positive, as my PA said that is directly correlated to my recovery. … Let me think … uh … It’s Fall. I’m grateful for that.

As Anne Shirley says – “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”



Parents, Halloween, and Netflix

Hey parents! I’m talking to you today. 

It is the week before Halloween. It kind of snuck up on me this year. I don’t know if I’ve just been busy, tired, or oblivious. It is JUST NOW starting to feel and look like Fall here in NC. That might be part of the delay of recognition.

Nod to Fall in my backyard

Anyway …

I have younger kids. They are nine and five years old. They like to “celebrate” Halloween, as kids (most people, really) do. One of the things they LOVE to do is watch Halloween shows and movies.

The kids

I don’t like them seeing scary or gory Halloween, and luckily they don’t like it either. Truth be told, I don’t let them watch anything with ghosts, Witches, Wizards, spells, ect. I’ll probably get some hate mail for that, but that’s my perogative. 

This makes it really hard to “celebrate” Halloween here. What they watch on TV this time of year is next to impossible!! That being said, I have gone through Netflix to see what they have to offer viewers, aged about ten and under, to watch this week before Halloween. (Let it be known there are PLENTY of gory, scary, child-inappropriate Halloween shows to watch on Netflix, if that is your thing.)

I am obviously not endorsing all of these, nor have I seen them all. From their descriptions on Netflix, some are CHEESEBALL CITY, but none seem too scary or gory for the young viewer. Use your best judgement as a parent.

Here we go:

1) Curious George a Haloween Boofest, TV-G, 56 minutes  

(2) Room on the Broom, G, 26 minutes  

(3) Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein, G, 1 hour 18 minutes  

(4) Mickey’s House of Mouse Villians, TV-Y7, 1 hour 8 minutes  

(5) Goosebumps Series (Based on the books), Live Action, TV-Y7, 21 minutes per episode  

(6) Hotel Transylvania 2, PG, 1 hour 29 minutes  

(7) ET, PG, 1 hour 54 minutes  

(8) Pac’s Scary Halloween, TV-Y7, 44 minutes  

(9) The Little Ghost, Live Action, TV-PG, 1 hour 31 minutes  

(10) Alpha and Omeg The Legend of Saw Tooth, TV-G, 45 minutes  

(11) Goosebumps the Movie, Live Action, PG, 1 hour 43 minutes  

(12) Escape to Witch Mountain, Live Action, G, 1 hour 37 minutes  

(13) Spooky Stories 2 TV Series, TV-PG, 12-13 minutes per episode  

(14) Children’s Favorite Halloween Treats (this is just episodes of Barney, Bob the Builder, Rubbadubbers, Angelina Ballerina,  Kipper, and Pingu strung together), TV-Y, 1 hour 37 minutes  

(15) Casper’s Scary School, TV-Y7, 1 hour 18 minutes  

(16) Nanny McPhee, Live Action, PG, 1 hour 38 minutes  

(17) Disney’s Spooky Buddies, Live Action with Talking Dogs, G, 1 hour 28 minutes 

(18) Disney’s Girl vs Monster, Live Action, TV-PG, 1 hour 28 minutes

Honorable mention goes to The Corpse Bride. It’s rated PG and runs 1 hour 17 minutes, but I know Tim Burton films are too dark for some kids.

There is noticeably a lot missing from this list (like Hotel Transylvania, the original movie). I have only included shows that can actually be streamed from Netflix this week.

Hope this helps!

Gratuitous family shot

Now this Momma has to go watch The Walking Dead. 🙂

Grab Your Drink of Choice and Start Watching

Let’s talk Netflix, since I have nothing better to do on this Saturday night at 8:30pm (seriously, when did I get so old?!?).

I “binge” watched before binge-watching was cool!! Here are some shows you guys should check out, if you haven’t already:

1) PUSHING DAISIES – Do you know how seriously sad I was that this show only lasted two seasons? Tragic! It is a whimsical show about a guy named Ned (played by Lee Pace). Ned is a pie-maker. Oh, by-the-by, he can bring people, who were dead, back to life with one touch. Of course, in every good story there is a twist … By raising a person from certain death, another living being must die in their place within exactly one minute. Ned keeps his “gift” mostly a secret. He teams up with an understated PI (played by Chi McBride) to solve murder cases by bringing the murder victims back to life long enough to “solve” their murders. Hilarity, whimsy, and fantastical situations ensue. 

2) DEAD LIKE ME – Not one to watch with the kids in the room. Tragically, this show also only lasted 2 seasons. It is about a group of so-called “grim reapers” who must make sure the newly dead make it to the afterlife by meeting them at their time of death, ushering them to the great beyond. As in Pushing Daisies, there is a twist. Georgia (played by Ellen Muth), the main character dies early in the first episode. She still walks the earth, but in the form of another person. So, she knows her family, but they don’t know who she is at all. This series will suck you right in. There was a “movie” made after the last episode, to kind of try to tie everything together, but for the love of skittles … Don’t waste your time. DO however, watch the series!!

3) PSYCH – Many have seen at least part of this series. It was on for a whopping EIGHT seasons! Shawn Spencer (played by James Roday) has honed a skill from his detective father since he was a young boy: he has the gift of observation. He can solve most any case just by observing his surroundings. Surprise! There is a twist. Shawn is a bit of a slacker,and can’t cut it as a normal detective. He teams with his childhood friend, Gus (played by Dulé Hill), to create a completely fake psychic agency that seemingly solves cases for the Santa Barbara police department. There are tons of throwback 1980s references, as well as nods to pop culture. It is hilarious, and highly recommended. (Feel free to skip the musical episode)

4) MONK – It is hard for me to see Tony Shalhoub, the Monk that is Monk, as anybody but the quirky character he plays in this series. It also was on for eight seasons, and is one of my favorite shows of all times. Monk, who was a quirky, obsessive-compulsive detective, goes through a tragedy that causes him to leave the force. He is, however, invaluable to them, and he does free-lance consulting for them. Shocker!! There is a twist. He must do things in his own quirky way, with his own personal life-assistant. You will find yourself empathising and oddly relating, at times, to this quirky character. You’ll love him.

5) STRANGER THINGS– Seriously. Is there anyone who hasn’t watched this show? If you haven’t, and you were alive at any point in the 1980s, you better stop reading this right now, turn on Netflix, and start watching. Part 80’s horror, part Sci-fi, part comedy, part mystery … It has everything. It IS everything. So many 1980’s references and nods, I can’t name them all. The kids on the show are perfect! It even has Wynona Ryder as a mother. HELLO!! Don’t watch with the kids in the room, but WATCH!! It has developed a cult-type following, and has even spawned its own type of music!

So there ya go! Five shows to get ya started!

What have you been binge-watching?

Twenty Things … Revamped

Hola, my peeps!


I now have a legit reason for trying to gather twenty things of greatness for 2017. Not that just pure curiosity and wish-listing wasn’t an epic reason to ask for brainstorming and input.

Anyhoo …

I signed up for a swap (Yes, I have a problem. It’s much cheaper than LuLaRoe, people!) on Instagram. In said swap, I have to come up with (only) seventeen items I think will be of value to my partner in 2017 (See what they did there … 17 for 2017). They can reflect my partner, but they really are supposed to be items I would like to have, or I would use, or reflect ME in 2017. 


I can spend $5 or $500.

Fun, huh! 

It’s harder than it sounds, though. I don’t know myself as well as I think! I don’t think my partner’s going to want vasculitis pills 

Or maybe she will! Haha!

Or items to sleep all day.

Or maybe she would! Haha!

I had to ask the ring-leader of the swap for ideas. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a first-class idiot! She had some good ideas, though I put my own spin on some.

Coffee, food, a bookmark with a phrase I use all the time, a recipe I make, a little drink I like, a book I love, something to do with a favorite show, something I carry everywhere with me, a hobby, or a pattern (Sewing?!? Obviously, she is more crafty than I).

I had some groovy ideas too: yarn, a journal, a candle, sleep mask, fingernail polish, a nice mug,

** Disclaimer ** just because it’s listed and linked does NOT mean my partner is getting the item!!

What are some of your ideas? They can (and preferably) will be small. I’m not looking to break the bank, just have a bit of fun in my drab world.

I can also have gently used items (books, ect) or handmade items.

Mug rug I recently worked on

So … Now it’s your turn. Thoughts, ideas??

It Ain’t No Thing

I had a bad day.

I know I said I was going to lie and tell everyone I was fine, but it was a bad day.

I was going to get on here and have a total (what’s a non-cussy word for “bitchfest”?) about how awful my life is. I actually uttered the words out loud, “I should have just died.” Let’s be honest, that was raw emotion in the moment, but wasn’t fair in any way to the recipient of my rant.

I feel/felt like I’m no good to anybody, and I’m a straight-up burden to my family. The ugly fact is, we now have basically no income. We have enough in savings to live approximately 4 months (not including birthdays and Christmas) if we don’t blow budget. Do you know how bad it makes a parent feel to have to say “no” to stupid small things (like a nicely asked-for sno-cone) that shouldn’t break the bank? Do you know how stressful it is to get ANOTHER bill, and have no way to pay it? SO that was a big focus of my grief. I was the “breadwinner,” now I’m the one who is wracking up the medical bills. I was in a place of feeling very,very sorry for myself. 

I just wanted (and really only had the energy) to stay in my bed with my blankets pulled over my head.

I cried a lot. 

But, then I made myself get out of bed to ride to get the kids from school (I felt MISERABLE, but I wanted to be there for them). We went to the park at the YMCA, and while I had to watch from the car, it made my day a little brighter.

Natalie having fun on the swings

Andrew and J on the playground. Do you see Andrew?

How I Roe while sitting in the HOT car.


Then the coolest thing happened …

My Boo

Andrew, out of nowhere, brought me a leaf he picked special for me (hey, it’s the small things), and said, “Mommy, I want you to have this. I don’t think you look weird, and I love you.”

Out of the mouth of babes …

The fam

The story really could stop right there.

But, then I was perusing Instagram and Facebook, and came across these: 

Yes, a lot of those are taken off peoples’ sites that create them for money. I have no right to them. They just helped me a lot. Go check out their sites!

Coincidence? Maybe, but I needed them at the very moment I saw them. 

I was still struggling with being a burden to my family. Then my dad randomly texted me this article

Coincidence? Maybe. But, I know I can get through this. One-way-or-another. I may not be “myself” again (or I may be? Only time will tell.), but I am a value to my kids and family.

The rest will work itself out. 

Tuesday is Close Enough to last Friday, Right?

This is kind of a moot point now. I’m only writing it because I promised myself I would.

Chemo = Friday

Started out WAY too early after having gotten home so late from the MRI the night before.

Yes, I wore Crocs. They’re easy to get on. Try them sometime.

We got there. It was the normal hustle and bustle of daytime.

It was so freaking crowded, we had to park on the roof of the garage.

Much different during the day.


Made it to the Infusion Center on the second floor. It is always a bit surreal going in this place. There are sick people. I mean SICK people, and I’m counted as one of them.

Scary Words: Infusion Center … But they try to trick you with a cute picture muraled (I think I made up that word) on the wall

I mean, I don’t have cancer, but neither does every single person here. I still have a very rare disease, that, if we’re being honest, can kill me at any time it wants.

I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but all it would take is one misplaced, closed vessel, and my breathing would stop … Or my heart would stop … Or some other life-threatening occurance would happen. 

I digress …

Duke does its best to try to make it cheery. We all get to sit in these recliners (I had a bed last time. They are usually reserved for the pregnant or really elderly).

Riveting, isn’t it. They try to trick you to think it’s a party, when you’re really being pumped with poison.

Most of the nurses are cheery, and the patients even get warmed-up blankets … If you aren’t lucky enough to bring your own special blanket from home (It really makes the experience better! You can’t imagine the comfort that comes from having a cozy blanket of your own with you!).

See all the white hospital blankets? I don’t have to have one!

Those lucky enough not to have an infusion port get to play the waiting game for their IV insertion and blood work completion. Blood work and labs are collected each time, to make sure I’m healthy enough to receive the poison … I mean chemo.

I got lucky this time … Only 3 sticks. Last time there were 7.

Waited for over an hour. And might I add, it’s ridiculous how far away the bathrooms are when you can’t walk. I digress.


Finally, after what seems an eternity, I got a 500ml bag of normal saline, followed by … In my case … Cytoxan, followed by another 500ml bag of saline.

And there goes the poison into my veins. Notice the blue drape hung up for the nurses to wear. They can’t handle the chemo without it.

Luckily (does sarcasm translate to blogese?) I developed a reaction this time to the Cytoxan. I got flushed (pink) and nauseated. So I had the privilege of getting a Zofran injection and waiting another 30-45 minutes before they could restart the infusion.

Ugh. Felt bad.

At least they have TVs mounted for each person while they feel like barfing.


After they restarted the infusion, it was pretty smooth-sailing, as much as being tethered in place to an IV poison infusion can be considered smooth sailing. All told, we were gone from the house about 9 hours on Friday.  I got lucky. I go once a month. While there, I heard a lady who was there again, who had just been infused the day before. I can thank God that wasn’t my case! 

I did, and still do, feel awful the days following (I had felt pretty normal after the first time). I do, however get tired of telling people I feel awful, so if you ask, be prepared for, “I feel fine!” It’s a lie, but at least it’s a happy one that people like to hear.

Can’t quite stay awake.

I’m really not in the right frame-of-mind to be writing this in my normal “no-worries” attitude.  I’m still trying to recover, and get back that “can-do” attitude. It’s tough today, I’m not going to lie. But, I know all of you are behind me with love and prayers, and that helps!

*** On a side note, my parents got “the call” in the middle of the night Sunday. My SIL is extremely close to the birth of my new nephew. Pray for my parents as they rush to Texas, and for the whole family surrounding the birth! We are all rooting for you PEKOE!!

Middle-of-the-night MRI Fun!

Hey, Preciouses! I am finally getting around to writing about my late-night MRI! It’s pretty fitting that I’m sitting here (laying here) writing about the middle of the night … In the middle of the night! 

This is what it looked like Thurs night … And it’s pretty much what it looks like right now!

So, I had been having some returning symptoms … Blah, blah,blah  … We already talked about this in the ER post. So Thursday night at 9:30pm was the only time they could fit me in.

Looks a lot different riding up at night!

It was like a ghost-town at Ye Old Duke Hospital. We are used to hustle and bustle of day life, but there was just about nobody there!

I thought I was fine, not nervous at all, until we hit the Cancer Center :

The title of this branch of the hospital is just scary.

I took my Valium, and I felt calm, but my body told a different story. They wheeled me back to the waiting room (because I can’t walk that far), and the waiting began …


Too tense to relax

Apparently more nervous than I think

I must say, when I finally got back and met the three staff members that helped me, it was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MRI experience I have ever had. The team was so friendly and helpful. They were gentle and kind. They knocked the fear factor down a couple notches. Loves them so!!

The “test” took about 20 minutes. They did it without contrast, which I’m assured is okay for stroke detection. (I freaked a little while there, and three people nicely reassured me) 

Besides being put in a scary tube of death:

Picture stolen, but this is pretty much it.

The worst part is the sound. For those that have never had the privilege of having a ride on the MRI coaster, here is an example of the sounds: let’s hope this works. They come in bursts, and a lady was nice enough to come on the speaker and let me know what was coming. The sounds and vibrations last from 2 to 4 minutes a piece. On a side note, most of the MRI tubes they stick you in are dark … Like a close, tight, tunnel of death. This one had lights in it. Even with a washcloth over my face, I could see the light, and it felt more open. So much better for the claustrophobe!!
So it was over pretty quickly! It was the best MRI experience I’ve ever had. I’d even do it there again … And that’s saying a lot!! 

On the way out, I was mesmerized by the sparkly floors:

My weird aside of a tangent to this story. Give me a break, I was tired then, and I’m tired now!

Well, that’s about it. No results read that night. Have to wait. Cross your fingers and toes that it’s all copacetic! 

One last picture. J wanted to make sure everyone knows he kept me safe by wearing my ring during the procedure. No jewelry allowed in the giant magnet room!! How sweet!

On that same note, don’t forget to do something, no matter how small or large, to be a help to someone in your life! Be the encouragement and joy to someone’s day.

Love you all!