Back to real life

Real life sucks. 

I just had four glorious days with my brother. He flew all the way from Texas just to make me life a little brighter for a little while.

It worked. I was happy. I WAY overdid it, because I didn’t want him to see how “different” I am now.

I have always tried to be the one in control, the strong one, the one who may not have it all together, but is moving in a forward direction to man-handle my way to okay-ness. 

It didn’t work that way this time.

I’m afraid he saw the weak, vulnerable person I am. I can’t do MANY of the things I used to … Yet.

Hopefully he knows I’m trying to struggle my way back there!

We had many great talks about “Letting go and Letting God,” and “fear of man.” He also had great bonding time with my kids.

BUT, now it’s back to the real world: Trying to deal with Disability, dealing with the kids, PT/OT visits, Chemo, trying to plan and make dinner, hours of TV while I just try to regrow neurons … 

Real life sucks.


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